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Rambling thoughts after reading an article.

I stumbled across the article linked at the end of the post when I was looking for something else, so I saved the link to do a post on it that I never got around to doing, until today, and yes, I’m rambling and letting my mind go where it will. The article is from 1990, and it’s about adoption and a time before Facebook existed, it talks about how people advertised for expectant mothers to pick them.

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From 2014 – Good grief, this gets so tiring…

Good grief, this gets so tiring…

Post is from 2014 about a reunion, wedding, adoptive parents weighing in on facebook. I just checked and that FB post is still up on the Today Show page if you want to get the fuller understanding of the angst in the adoptive parent community just click the link in the original post.

After you read the 2014 post above, scroll down and read the comments on the blog post, you won’t regret it.

Argh, words aren’t working today, hope the above makes sense.


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What’s Changed?

So, I unfriended my adoptive cousin, the one who has been ghosting me on facebook and beyond for awhile. It felt good, like a strong wind swept cross my soul and made everything better, lighter. That’s a lesson that I need to keep in mind for the future; that any relationship can become toxic and harmful and with my people-pleaser personality I need to see it when it starts, I need to toughen up, not just put up with it.

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It’s Personal

It’s Personal

Last year and the start of this year has been a journey for me. A time when big emotions from yesteryears rose to the surface time and time again. A time filled to overflowing with so much loss for so many. It’s also a time of so much ugliness and I hope it is never repeated, and that we come out the other side more aware, more kind, and definitely far less racist with a goal to keep being better to each other.

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Yes, My Folks told us we were Adopted and talked about it freely.

The article posted below by an adoption agency is inaccurate, read further to understand why it’s inaccurate.

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Does Truth and Adoption Ever Mix?

How about adoptive parents, specifically those who adopt via domestic infant adoption just say the quiet part out loud.

You adopted because you couldn’t have your own children.

And for those in the back frantically saying – how dare you? Or saying I always wanted to adopt; but leaving off the rest of the sentence ‘after I had my own first’. Read the rest of this entry »


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Worried Ramblings

(Not an adoption post.)

Been wondering how everyone has been faring lately in a year filled with pain and suffering for so many both from the pandemic and racial injustices. I find myself asking if all the trauma, pain, losses endured this year by so many – will we have learned anything?

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Your input requested

What is your pet peeve on things said to you by an adoptive parent to either an adoptee or first parent,  other (or any combination).

Going to leave that vague as I have a baby cat trying to learn how to type. 🙂


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Hey Guys

Thanks to those requesting access – I know it was an abrupt move to go private – just sort of freaked out by that site that kept refollowing the blog. I’ll go back to public at some point, probably sooner rather than later.

Cheers to all of you.

Edit – hope you all are following Beth’s story in the comments – it will make your day, it’s told over many comments in this post – start at the bottom and work up.


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Considering a move

What’s up with you?

Leave me a comment.


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What adoption shouldn’t be.

Long-time adoption agencies and lawyers have been dealing with adoption for decades, nothing new there, except they now compete, co-exist with an ever expanding list of *new and improved* so-called adoption service providers who call themselves consultants, whose goal is to get you (a hopeful adoptive parent) a baby, and fast. Read the rest of this entry »


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At the end of the day, it is what it is.

Longtime readers know I think the world of my folks. You also know I’ve alluded to challenges of an older sibling in different posts. Read the rest of this entry »


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