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Happy for New York Adoptees

Adoptees from New York now have the right to their original birth certificates; in the first 48 hours 3600 online applications were made. There’s an estimated 650,000 adoptees from New York per this article: New York Adoptees Rush to Request Birth Certificates, After Years of Blocked Access. Adoptee Rights Law has details on how the new law works: Updated Info on New York’s New Law

Congratulations to everyone who has fought to change the law in the last 40 odd years and to all adoptees from New York. Now the challenge is to get the changes made to the NY Law known by adoptees from NY, seems easy but there are still adoptees from states who have changed the law regarding their original birth certificate, who have no idea they can order theirs. Read the rest of this entry »


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Loss in adoption

I’m thankful that more people involved in adoption have started recognising that there is loss with adoption and being adopted, how or when it affects the one adopted is individual, but loss there is. Yet, I’m also wary when I hear people acknowledge that, people who aren’t adopted but adopting can’t really understand what that loss truly is if they have only seen it, but haven’t lived it. It makes me worry that their acknowledgement will just become a trite expected thing to say, rather than any deep understanding what it is. Read the rest of this entry »


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The New Year and Rambling Thoughts

Happy New Year my friends! Hoping you all had holidays that left you feeling happy and refreshed for the New Year filled with goals and dreams galore. I’m still shocked we are 20 years into the new century, seems like just the other day we went to bed wondering what would happen at midnight re computers and Y2K. Damn, somehow that makes me feel even older and more reflective than normal, if that’s possible, and reflective in a way that goes off in strange tangents. (you’ve been warned) Read the rest of this entry »


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Holidays and Rabbit Holes…

December and the holidays are a mixed bag for me. I have wonderful memories of Christmas past and present, traditions kept, the carols, love the carols and memories of going caroling as a child, the frozen fingers and toes and the hot chocolate after. December is also filled with deeply personal losses that haunt me every year, and some years, I fall down the rabbit hole of loss. Read the rest of this entry »


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From 2014: Good grief, this gets so tiring…

[2014] Earlier this week the Today Show included a segment on a daughter meeting her mother for the first time.  A daughter that resorted to using Facebook to try to find her by putting her personal information out on the internet (risky), but it paid off, and a reunion happened.  So what happens in the comments on the Today Facebook page after the segment aired?  (Be warned that I am using adoptive parents repeatedly throughout because that is what was used.)

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Would Both/And Allow for Honest Conversations in Adoption?

Both/And allows a person to be free to acknowledge and hold more than one truth even though it seems counterintuitive or contrary. In adoption I think it is a badly needed mindset to allow for more honesty and respect – both between the three groups and within each group.

Grab a coffee to go with the imaginary chocolate chip cookies pictured and read through the scenarios. Tell me which ones you agree with, which you don’t, whether it’s possible to move people in adoption in this direction. Cheers  Read the rest of this entry »


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Hidden feelings

Not sure if it’s the holiday season causing memories to randomly appear in my mind, or the unrest inside me still reverberating from the viral adoption video/story, or because this season is always so very hard for me now. Whatever it is, it sparked the post below and I don’t know whether I’ve ever talked about this here before.. Read the rest of this entry »


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What I lost

I was having a conversation about reunion and how it can create havoc in your soul. The conversation evolved and moved into more specifics, specifically, the areas of loss an adoptee may feel. That digging deep triggered this post. Read the rest of this entry »


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Adoption Awareness Month – The Good and the Hard

I’ve never been someone who is comfortable sharing my deepest feelings about adoption; being adopted, or of any of the more personal experiences and feelings I’ve gone through over the years. I also know that deep reserve didn’t help me be open with mom and dad about my feelings growing up; that it was also complicated by the sibling troubles and not wanting to cause them more worries. That resulted in who I am now, someone with deep unspoken stories and feelings about everything that has happened to me throughout my life. Read the rest of this entry »


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Adoption Awareness Month – Quote and Thread

My friend Beth left this quote in a comment under my other AAM post with a quote. I loved it. Still love it. It has nothing, and yet, it has everything to do with how adoption discourse happens today between members in the adoption ‘triad’.

This morning’s twitter thread by WordyRamblings talks about this in the context of being the one adopted. And with that said, I’ll leave the discussion to her.


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Adoption Awareness Month – Changes

Domestic Infant Adoption has changed over the years. It had to because of the demand for babies and the lack of babies available to fill the demand. It had to because expectant parents were no longer dealing with a society that shamed white middle-class single mothers. It had to change, so it did, openness and instead of the expectant mother or her family paying expenses, laws were changed to allow the prospective parents to pay expenses, expectant mothers were held up as hero’s, not hidden away and expected to never speak of it again. Read the rest of this entry »


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Adoption Awareness Month – Quote and Post

Yesterday I found the quote below, this morning I re-read a post from 2016 Adoptee loyalty… . The quote has nothing to do with adoption, and yet, for some adoptees it may speak to their experience of being adopted. Read the rest of this entry »


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