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This schooling adoptees is getting really old

Argh, another article.  Today, my role as Adoptive Mom is to school all you adoptees about what really happens when you reunite, despite not having reunited myself because I’m not adopted.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Mom lessons…

Recently, it seems like every discussion ends up with someone being upset over other people being politically correct, negative, mean, when someone else disagrees.  Then they call for more positive and less of the negative.

I think we can all do better at looking in our personal mirrors, and here’s why… Read the rest of this entry »


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Waiting until your parents pass…

Another adoption reunion story in the news, an international adoption story from Japan with a State Senator from Hawaii being the one adopted.  It was a good story.  Hawaii state senator meets birth mother after almost half a century.  It also highlighted what I’ve wanted to talk about, waiting till your parents pass away before searching, so that’s what this post is about, plus some other ramblings.  Many adoptees are just like this Senator who waited until after both parents had passed away, it is a personal choice, but adoptive parents can make sure their children don’t make that choice solely because they are worried about how you might feel, or because the adoptee feels it would be disloyal to you.

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Tired of adopted adults being referred to as children…

I read the article below, and my first thoughts were – they are a wee-bit late with their offers of help, and pronouncing they know best how an adoption search should happen in Illinois.  Then my thoughts wandered from why now three years after the law restored the right for adoptees to receive their original birth certificate, to, who do they think they are.  (read the article first).

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Good article that sparked discussions about the amended birth certificate…


Interesting article by an adoptee who is also becoming an adoptive parent.

I don’t want my name on my daughters birth certificate

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Separating twins…


Separating twins and triplets in adoption (both domestic and international adoption) has been going on for years, I’ve written about it several times, and it’s a travesty to me.  Right now there are several sets of separated twins growing up whose stories have been made public, so just think of how many there could be right now that are kept private, or who don’t know it yet, if they ever do.  I looked back through my posts and can’t find that I talked about the first documentary done in 2010 on Mia and Alexandra meeting for the first time (Norwegian version), although I remember talking, and thinking deeply about it.

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Good grief, this gets so tiring…


Earlier this week the Today Show included a segment on a daughter meeting her mother for the first time.  A daughter that resorted to using Facebook to try to find her by putting her personal information out on the internet (risky), but it paid off, and a reunion happened.  So what happens in the comments on the Today Facebook page after the segment aired?  (Be warned that I am using “adoptive parents” repeatedly throughout because that is what was used)

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Pieces of me…


I have pondered that I am finding out who I am from two completely unrelated, yet related, events.  I continue to be amazed when it dawns on me that “this” or “that” used to be part of what made me, me, and “this or “that” is why I am, the way I am.  I have tried to explain it in other posts but never could to my satisfaction, expect a rambling post that may or may not make a lot of sense… Read the rest of this entry »


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Unconscious bias in the adoption community


I like a good adoption reunion story as much as anyone else.  People post the stories (myself included) on their blogs, facebook pages, twitter, with words like heartwarming, beautiful, wonderful.  One of the current ones making the rounds that is accepted by everyone in the adoption community; fifty years later siblings meet each other.  The other story is about twins separated at birth (unknown to them) – finding each other twenty some years later.  That one is also universally accepted because of that instinctive feelings of repugnance at the thought of separating twins. Read the rest of this entry »


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To those who don’t agree with Adoptee Rights…


To anyone who disagrees with an Adoptee Rights Bill to allow Adult Adoptees to request, and receive, their Original Birth Certificate.  If you have followed along, I’m sure you have listened to, or will listen to testimonies by adoption attorneys, adoption agencies, and adoption professional lobbyists who will speak about mothers being given promises by them, or their predecessors, and how those promises need to be kept.  They will also likely testify about the mothers wanting that privacy, but perhaps not explain the privacy they may have wanted at the time.  I’m not going to go into the obvious argument about the state not being required to protect promises made by businesses – when everyone knows laws change all the time, or there wouldn’t be legislators.  I want to talk instead about what a mother may, or may not have wanted at the time, and the concept that it still holds true of what she wants today.  I want you to challenge yourself, to do what I am going to do below. Read the rest of this entry »


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Double Standards in Adoption…


I’ve been silent for a while trying to put these thoughts on paper, which has turned into more of a challenge than I imagined it would.  Having said that, these thoughts have sat in the back of my mind since I read an article on changing law to allow adult adoptees their original birth certificate, that’s not what my thoughts are about – just what triggered them.  There are so many ways standards only apply when it benefits adoption, and are completely ignored when it favors the family of birth.  Apologies in advance for mistakes I still don’t see.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Long story worth reading…


I found this article from 2002 posted on Musings of the Lame Facebook page.  Grab a coffee first because it is a long read – but a fascinating read.  According to the article Dateline also did a story on them.

Adoption Secrets
When Nine Babies From The Same Family Were Scattered To New Homes, Who Could Predict They Would Reunite As Best Friends And Lovers?”


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