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The need for connection…


I recorded the episode of “Who Do You Think You Are?” that told the story of Chris O’Donnell tracing his paternal ancestors.  I watched the episode this morning, sipping my coffee in the pre-dawn hours (yes, hours), while waking up to what would be another beautiful August morning.  His story was fascinating and he said something similar to “the need for connection” to his ancestors, that is what I have always felt, that wasn’t within mom and dads power to give me.  Why I have spent countless hours researching my ancestors on Ancestry.  I do find it ironic that Ancestry is linked somehow to LDS, and they focus so much on family lines, yet at the same time seem to glorify and celebrate the severing of family lines for adoptees, and, if you look at the state of Utah with their restrictive laws for adoptees…but I will stop myself here instead of ranting further because I am getting off topic, againRead the rest of this entry »


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