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Informed consent and what society is condoning being done to Fathers in adoption…


Many of you may wonder why I am so adamant that a father is just as important as the mother, and why I get so upset that a father faces laws that seem void of common sense, dignity, and fair play.  Why should I care so much when my father didn’t give a damn when I was born, and still to this day doesn’t give a damn.  I am in the enviable position to know for fact that he had a choice back then, despite the laws at the time that specifically excluded him from having any rights.  He made his choice both when I was born, and when I was an adult, whether or not to be part of my life. 

I am thankful that my story turned out that he had choices, even if the ending of our story isn’t what I would like it to have been.  My father had choices, and chose to ignore the fact that I existed, shouldn’t that make me care less about fathers?  So why do I care so much? Read the rest of this entry »


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