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Biological Privilege

Have you ever thought about that?

I read this post Blood Matters and it got me thinking.

Could the reason why some parents, who early on understand why an adoptee would want to know their other family, simply be that, they have taken the time to think about the inherent privileges that they have, that come from growing up within their biological family? Is that how they understand that knowing both families takes nothing away from either, and in fact can enrich both?

And could that be the same reason why some parents never get there, because they have never gone there, and instead assume that they are not good enough, or enough for the adoptee?

And delving further, is that why they assume we are angry? Because they think, we feel our parents were not enough, and that is why we had to seek out our other family?

I think that both mom and dad did that level of deep thought very early on, and encouraged us to search if we wanted to, because they found they most likely would want to if they were in our shoes, and perhaps why I don’t understand why everyone doesn’t get it…

Interested in your thoughts from any side…

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