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I am a donor.  I donate to many different organizations.  I have allocated sums in my will to go to several different organizations.  I donate monthly.  I donate to hospitals, animal shelters, kids activities.  I have donated my time volunteering.  I have donated my DNA to a study for my disease, and I donate my time to be part of another study for my disease and get poked and prodded on regular intervals. 

I believe in donating.  I do not get paid for donating.  I have never been paid for donating.  If you donate and receive compensation for said donation, are you really a donor?  I don’t think so…and cannot believe anyone else believes a donor should receive compensation in any form.

donor [ˈdəʊnə] n

1. a person who makes a donation

2. (Medicine) Med any person who voluntarily gives blood, skin, a kidney etc., for use in the treatment of another person

3. (Law) Law

a. a person who makes a gift of property

[from Old French doneur, from Latin dōnātor, from dōnāre to give]

So why does the ART / IVF community insist that people who get PAID to “Donate” sperm and eggs are “Donors”?  Does it make their customers feel better while forking over thousands to tens of thousands of dollars?  Doubtful. 

More likely it is to keep public perception tempered because if you labelled them as the supplier of a product that in reality ends up being a person and they got paid it – all sorts of ick factors would kick in.  But that is what they are doing.  They are supplying the means to create a person and getting paid for that transaction. 

Several countries have banned or never allowed for compensation beyond the actual medical costs.  Of course people find ways around that but there will always be people who choose to break the law…

I was reading this post Young Women’s Eggs: Elite and Ordinary and then followed the first link in the post and I am seriously appalled and in fact down right nauseous.  I also strongly dislike the use of the target audience to find “Donors”, which is also a target audience of the adoption industry.  Make sure you follow the first link in the post above and thoroughly read that site, all the pages.

Oh and by the wayAnonymous “donation” is wrong…you will never convince me otherwise. There needs to be a law against it in every single country, and being paid – not acceptable…


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