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I had no idea she was an adoptee…

I learned from a tweet from fauxclaud about Alison Larkin’s DNA song, and then I went to her website and read what Alison wrote about being adopted and once again, her story as it evolves, mirrors many of our stories.  It starts just like many of our stories start…

Introduction from Alison
I had a happy, stable upbringing with my adoptive parents and felt far removed from the people I occasionally heard about who had “adoption issues.” They were probably people who were unlucky in the adoptive parent department, or who were abused as kids or something. Not people fortunate enough to come from wonderful families like mine.

Then, when I was in my twenties, I decided to find my birth mother. And my world turned upside down. As a result of my decision to search, I was catapulted out of the ‘me’ I knew, and forced to deal with intense and complex emotions that I was ill equipped to absorb or understand.

go read the entire post you will see what I mean…

Her entire site is fascinating and now I will have to read her novel “The English American”.  

I like her DNA song you can view it on her youtube site:


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