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Korea passes new adoption law…

Korea passes law to change adoption policy
Congrats to all who worked so hard to get this passed:
The bill to amend the country’s Special Act Relating to the Promotion and Procedure of Adoption, which was sponsored by Democratic Party Representative Choi Young-hee, passed Wednesday with 188 yeas, no nays and four abstentions.The bill was drafted by a coalition of adoptees, single mothers and public interest groups, including Koroot, Dandelions, Adoptee Solidarity Korea, Truth and Reconciliation for the Adoption Community of Korea, Gong-gam Public Interest Lawyers Group and the Unwed Mothers & Families Association.
 What these hard-working advocates did:
The new law will also expand rights for single mothers and adoptees. Under the law, adoptees will gain greater access to birth records and women will have a seven-day period to deliberate on whether to keep or relinquish their child. Korea currently has no such limitation.The law also strengthens oversight of adoption procedures; makes birth registration mandatory, to guard against secret adoptions; and brings Korea into line with international standards for the care of children.
Thumbs down to those who opposed the law:
Opposition to the bill came from adoption agencies and prospective adoptive parents, who were concerned the law would discourage adoption.
It restores my faith…

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