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The end result…

This post is not really adoption related but at the same time is adoption related. 
I have been watching in growing horror as I see state after state try to de-fund PP, and at the same time defund services to help the poor which includes single mothers. 
It is maddening to see this happen knowing the end result which is as plain as the nose on your face.  A: defund contraceptives = B: increased unintended pregnancies = C: higher demand for help from the poorest in the country but those services will not be there because they have been defunded; so then we have D: more families severed by adoption purely for financial reasons, simply because of the domino effect of pure stupidity. 
You want to reduce the monies spent on family services – you don’t defund contraceptive services – you promote them…talk about cutting off your nose to spite your face. 
And some of those who could not afford contraceptives and become pregnant – there will also be an increase in abortions and who is really to blame then…
In a July article in CS Monitor it appears Indiana is the first of possibly many states to actually pass legislation to defund PP.  It is waiting for Gov. Daniels to sign and if vetoed could still pass.  They wish to strip PP of the $2 million in funding and chance loosing $4 million to Family & Social Services.  The bill cannot touch the $1 million given directly to the Indiana Family Health Council.
You can read the article in CS Monitor here.  In the article Betty Cockrum the PP chapter president states “cutting off funding will mean more unwanted pregnancies, more Medicaid funded births…more abortions“. 
I then did a little more searching and found this from the Guttmacher Institute – State Facts About Title X and Family Planning: Indiana.
The report’s most recent data is from 2008 as far as I can see but gives a pretty clear picture and is worth reading in full.  Note I am using some 2006 data from the above report below in italics.
In 2006, 40 family planning centers in Indiana received support from Title X.(11,12) They included:
Health department clinics: 4
Community health centers: 5
Planned Parenthood clinics: 13
Hospital outpatient clinics: 9
Other independent clinics: 9
•These centers provided contraceptive care to the following numbers of clients:(11)
 Health department clinics: 1,960
Community health centers: 6,800
Planned Parenthood clinics: 25,780
Hospital outpatient clinics: 9,960
Other independent clinics: 6,950
My quick math came up with 25,670 clients served by non PP and as it states above 25,780 clients by PP alone…so why defund PP if they help roughly half of those in need to be able to have contraceptives to prevent pregnancy in the first place?
From the same report above…Impact of Services Provided by Title X– Supported Centers in Indiana
•In 2008, contraceptive services provided at Title X–supported centers in Indiana helped women avoid 8,300 unintended pregnancies, which would have resulted in 3,700 births and 3,500 abortions.(3)
•In the absence of these services, the number of unintended pregnancies in Indiana would be 18% higher, and the number of abortions would be 33% higher.(13)
•In 2006, contraceptive services provided at Title X–supported centers in Indiana helped women younger than age 20 avoid 2,929 unintended pregnancies.(14)
•In the absence of these services, the number of teen pregnancies in Indiana would be 21% higher.(13)
•By helping women avoid unintended pregnancies and the births that would follow, the services provided at Title X–supported centers in Indiana saved $32,013,000 in public funds in 2008.
Another article from the Guttmacher Institute – 2006…
Rekindling Efforts to Prevent Unplanned Pregnancy: A Matter of ‘Equity and Common Sense’ By Rachel Benson Gold

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