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Imagine what this organization could do…

A doctor from Texas started this facility in Honduras 50 years ago.  He sold his practice in Texas and started Pan American Health Services.  I believe now his son continues his work.

They take in malnurished children and bring them back to health, and then send them back home to their families.

If the child has no home to go, to they can stay and become part of the family.  They educate the children and some even get a university education.  At night they educate the adults in the community.

They provide a health center to the community and go where help is needed.

They teach agriculture.

Now they are helping single mothers by donating land and the government through a project called CEPUDO is helping by building the mother a house. Another Chance.

They help in so many ways and are helped by others who volunteer their time, money and supplies, or professional services.

Imagine if this was the way it always worked. 

They have been around for 50 years and have a great reputation.

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