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Ways animals can manipulate you…

I love the birds and squirrels that roam my backyard.  Their antics keep me laughing as I stand in my kitchen looking out the window, washing dishes, cooking, grabbing another coffee, or just having fun standing there watching them.  They will scurry to grab a nut and jump back up on the roof, or run down the stairs, or be brave and just sit and eat until they are full.  BTW: I am not very fond of the skunks despite being beautiful…

But the birds and squirrels mean business if I don’t cater to them by feeding them seeds and nuts.  That’s when they manipulate you…

This morning I went out to check the flowers on my deck – and there are some amazing stems standing tall, perfectly healthy, minus the flowers that just started blooming.  Sitting on the railing are bits and pieces of the decimated flower heads.

My crime – I forgot to fill the feeder and put out both shelled and un-shelled peanuts.

Pictures aren’t very good as these guys move fast and my camera is one of the first digitals but they make me smile all the same. 

If you have critters in your yard and a deck railing consider looking for one the bird baths that attach to the railing – you can see it in the first picture – best invention ever – its easy to fill – easy to keep clean and perfect to get a ‘birds eye’ view of whether they drink from it or play in it. 

Oh and by the way – the last picture – I love gnomes and have several, they remind me of my grandma’s backyard…



Mountain Chickadee

You want me to shell them?

Mountain Chickadee

Now these are peanuts!

Content just to sit and munch until the dogs come out that is...

Great conversation with the gnome and good to stand on too to reach the feeder!


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