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I’ve been struggling with everything that has been happening lately; so many emotions are coursing through me hearing so much palpable pain and anguish in each personal story being told.

This time is a long overdo moment in our collective history, and I hope the marches, the conversations happening right now bear everlasting fruit and lasting change. It has to.

My role is to listen. To listen to the stories being told right now, to believe them, that is what is important to me right now.

Do better, be better, it’s long past time for change.

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We must do better, we must speak up

And not just this time, every time we see it happen.

I’m white and what’s happening is not okay. I’ve watched a growing and vocal hate for People of Color that used to be hidden, somewhat, now it’s blatant, vocal and loud. Read the rest of this entry »

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The day the penny dropped that I had stereotyped based on race.  

How could I not know I had that stereotype inside of me?  How did that happen?  I wasn’t raised that way, I didn’t think that way, consciously, that is.  Yet, the stereotype was there, hidden under everything I’d always patted myself on the back about, and when I saw it, I felt overwhelming shame.  Not just for the stereotype itself, but for not knowing it was part of who I was, and how easy it is to fool yourself.  This post is embarrassing, but I also think that growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum, there has to be an awareness to change.  So, I’m sharing with you in hopes of sparking conversations here or elsewhere.  Read the rest of this entry »


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How easy it is to not see something…

Lately, I’ve haven’t found anything related to adoption to talk about, which is interesting as I find the topic fascinating, the history, laws, stories of then and of now.  I also see adoption and the adoption community as a microcosm of the larger community.  In that context I do have something to talk about… Read the rest of this entry »


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How I learned about race and race relations…

Many know I’ve been steeped in my past lately since mom passed, this blog became my sanctuary, my outlet.  I thank everyone who hung in there, and also gave me grace.  Now that life is returning to normal, I find myself thinking of both the good and not so good memories.  Trying to decide if sharing the hard parts will help parents today dealing with their own hard parts of raising their adopted children who struggle mightily.  On one hand, I think it could, on the hand, it would require opening up about the bad, the ugly.  I’m leaning to sharing, but I’m not there yet.  Today, I am going to share how inadvertently mom and dad taught us about race, race relations, different cultural practices, which will also tell you how old I am… Read the rest of this entry »


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There’s an oft repeated saying in the adoption community…

When we know better, we do better…

That saying relates to the progress made in many areas of adoption, and yes, it has happened.

So, why, can’t we apply that to race, attitudes, prejudices, biases, racism, that still exists everywhere?  Read the rest of this entry »


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