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Meanwhile in my backyard…


On Saturday, I was standing in front of the kitchen sink doing dishes when a fluffy chickadee landed on the railing.  Her little wings were quivering noticeably, and I worried that perhaps she had crashed into a window and hurt herself, so I watched – dishes forgotten.  She didn’t move but kept darting her head back and forth tweeting – you feel so helpless because what can you really do?  A minute or so passed, and another chickadee landed a ways down from the little one in distress, this one smaller, and leaner than the fluffy one crying, suddenly the smaller one swooped over and the distressed fluffy one expectantly opened her mouth, and the smaller one popped a small worm or bug in fluffy’s mouth.  Mystery solved – fluffy one was just a baby learning how to fly!  Having fed her little one a tidbit, and reassured her – mom flew away, and within a minute, so did fluffy way up onto one of the protective branches of the very tall spruce tree in the backyard. Read the rest of this entry »


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