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This week I went and met with an aunt for lunch, then after we went to see my other aunt who lives in a care home.  Neither aunt is related to me, one joined the family after I became an adult, the other aunt (who was always my favorite) is not an aunt, simply mom’s best friend.  Their friendship started in high school and continued till the day mom passed 73 years later.  Read the rest of this entry »


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and then the lights went out…

As I sat in front of the computer doing my normal morning blog rounds of my favorite adoption related blogs, drinking my dark strong coffee, reading the latest thoughts and words from other adoptees and parents on both sides, nodding my head in agreement, a series of crackles and pops fills the air followed by total blackness.  I reach over to open the curtains but realize it is dark outside too, and as that realization dawns on me a sliver of fear snakes its way down my spine.  Where are the flashlights?  I vaguely remember putting that little book-light away in the cupboard in the dining room.
I stand up and push my chair back away from my desk and fumble towards the door as another thought randomly hits my mind, how many steps before I hit the book-case, what if I hit it too hard and it crashes down on me?  I reach the bookcase and gingerly sidestep over to the door and out into the hallway where I am more comfortable, a hall I have gone down so many times in the last seven years in the dark so I do not wake up my hubby.  I turn the corner towards the kitchen and another thought flashes into my mind – did I lock the back door after I put the dogs out this morning? – that sliver of fear just grew bigger – it makes no sense because I wasn’t worried about it not being locked before the lights went out.  I walk across the kitchen to the door and my hand reassured me that yes, it is locked.  I turn and move towards the dining room – to the cupboard – to light…
I reach the cupboard and fumble around the shelves searching by feel for the light.  I realize just how unorganized I have become and vow to change that.  I find the light, relief, but short-lived, my brain cannot figure out how to turn it on, my mind is blank.  I turn and move towards the living room, hoping hubby has left the lighter on the table.  I curse Big Puppy as I step/slip/slide over a ball and then another…finally I reach the table and cautiously move my hand over the table, vividly aware of the half-drunk cup of coffee hubby always leaves on the table as he heads off to work.  I find the lighter, I have light, I find the switch on the book-light, right there in plain as the nose on my face, I switch it on. I can see!
I move over to the window and scan my street – no one has electricity so I find the phonebook and go into the hall to the old rotary telephone to call the power company.  I am prompted to press 1 for residential or 2 for business which does not work with rotary phones, prompted again, and then finally a real person answers my call.  The nice lady cheerfully tells me the estimated wait time is 2.5 hours…I thank her and hang up and then realize my coffee cup was empty just before the power went off.  I stand there trying to figure out what I will do without electricity for 2.5 hours, how that will impact my day, what I can do while waiting and realize I can read.  I go get my latest book by Kathy Reichs – 206 Bones and settle into a chair by the window armed with my trusty book-light and then realize I probably don’t want to be reading a very scary book in the dark. 
So instead I sat there thinking of my blogging partner and just how much her world was impacted when she lost her sight.  I have dealt with power outages before, but they are few and far between.  This time scared me badly and I KNEW IT WAS TEMPORARY…and I wished my friends sight loss was only temporary too.
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