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The problem with lists of “Famous People Who Were Adopted”…


Because of my personality, quirks, whatever you want to call it, I like lists that are presented as factual, to actually be true.  Famous Adoptee lists generally aren’t.  I’m using this one because it’s handy (out of so many different posts with lists on this subject).  So here is my “list” of what the problem is when people use lists of Famous Adoptee Lists followed by fact checking of the list…

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Just a quick thought…


The whole concept of “was adopted” vs. “is adopted” (and all the different variations of that) is so that adoption doesn’t define their child.  I keep going back to that and still can’t seem to understand why adoption isn’t allowed to be something that is part of what defines you…

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Used for a cause…


Can someone please explain why it is okay to use adult adoptees as poster children? You know it exploits the person, a human being.

From posts stating that Kaepernick shouldn’t be playing because he could have been aborted – despite the fact that there is zero indication in any news reports that it was even a possibility. Yet because he was adopted it apparently is fact to some who want that to be the focus. To twitter messages / instagram picture proclaiming he was also a foster child like Oher and how powerful adoption is, and who knows what else I thankfully did not see. Read the rest of this entry »


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