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Dr. Oz your “Transformation Nation Million Dollar You” excludes adoptees

From the website: Dr. Oz’s Transformation Nation: Million Dollar You

Here’s how it works:

You’ll join Dr. Oz, Weight Watchers, Sharecare and a powerful team of health professionals to tackle the seven key steps to weight loss and healthy living. The new, healthier you could even be eligible to win a $1 million prize!

Kick off the program with our Ultimate Health Quiz, where you’ll get an overview of your health. Next, conquer the seven steps:

Tell a Friend

Official Weigh-in/Calculate Your BMI

Connect with Your Doctor

Learn Your Family’s Health History

Get More Sleep

Assess Your Stress

Start New Fitness Habits

Then show off your knowledge with the Final Health IQ Quiz. The public will vote for the participant it finds the most transformed and inspirational. The winner will receive $1 million and appear on The Dr. Oz Show.

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They even have two helpful videos and family health history forms…

Here is what I would say to Dr. Oz…

Dear Dr. Oz,

You say knowing your family health history can save your life.  Having knowledge that your family has a history of early age heart attacks and stroke can save your life and prevent events.  Well of course I agree with you, that knowledge would have changed my life.  If I knew that my family health history included multiple close relatives who had early age heart attacks and strokes, my doctor would have made different choices.  But you see, I am just an adoptee, and therefore not worthy of having that knowledge, or even the right to seek that knowledge.

Furthermore, you and most of the medical community at large, have not stood up and demanded better for us adoptees.  I doubt you even realize there are millions of adoptees in the US, who have no information that could be used to save them from events, that can take their lives in a heartbeat. 

If you cared, you would talk about it on your TV show.  You and the entire medical community would petition the government to change the laws.  You would stand up for us, because you deem it crucial to our health and future.

All I hear is the medical community telling those who have access to their family to do it.  For adoptees, all I hear is crickets…


An adoptee whose life was changed forever, because no one did the right thing for all adoptees.


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