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Best Interest in Adoption is about the Child

I read an article published by an Adoption Agency in 2019. Trying to find the words to describe what I think an adoption should be, if an adoption must happen. Note the text in quotes below are taken directly from the article.

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Just a quick thought

Anyone else tired of the terms ‘Adoption Triad’, ‘Adoption Constellation’ and any other term that escapes my mind at the moment?

Why is it important to add a name at all?

I do my best to never use any of the collective terms because they all seem so redundant. We have terms to describe every role in adoption, the processes, the events, the people in it.

Why do we need an umbrella term in the first place?

What am I missing?

Tell me what you think in the comments, feel free to go off topic as well.


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Dear Columnist

I read your article posted a few days ago: 3 Reasons To NOT Find Your Birth Parents with the tag line “It’s your life; it’s your choice.” and just wanted to lay out some statements of facts before getting into a nuanced rebuttal.

  • You are an adoptive parent
  • You have written another ‘instructive’ article to adoptees before (title below)
  • You are not an adoptee, at least you don’t claim to be

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Dear pro-life would be adopter…

Readers know I don’t use the term ‘adopter’ lightly, and it applies only to a few out there.  I read a very disturbing post today by someone with infertility, who is pro-life and also wants to adopt.  I was ready to rebut her post, it felt good writing thoughts down, but it wouldn’t have done any good.  Instead, I decided to write this post, perhaps she’ll read it, or someone just like her.  Perhaps it will trigger reflection, perhaps not, but I’ve tried in the kindest way I know… Read the rest of this entry »


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