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Just a wee bit snarky today…


(note that no one is making you read this – and if it doesn’t apply to you then you’re good…)

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Link to post on the Australian Apology and of course my thoughts…


Well written post by Deanna Shrodes at “Adoptee Restoration” today.  The author is an adoptee from the BSE, like myself, like millions of other adoptees.  Her voice is different from my voice.  Even though our voices are different, many of the underlying themes are the same.  Understand history – not the white-washed history fed to you by the adoption industry – the real history of Adoption that Australia has now publicly recognised and apologised for. That underneath many of the stories of our adoptions is a world of hurt, pain, anguish – regardless of which country we are from because it happened on different levels in most developed countries – not just Australia. Read the rest of this entry »


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