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This schooling adoptees is getting really old

Argh, another article.  Today, my role as Adoptive Mom is to school all you adoptees about what really happens when you reunite, despite not having reunited myself because I’m not adopted.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Asking for negative stories?


Reading an adoption reunion story in Canada on the CBC News site.  I started reading the comments and it struck me how pleasant they all are, even the responses to comments they don’t agree with.  People commenting being civil.  Then I came to this comment and I started laughing…

“Please share some of the nightmare stories about reunions with long lost parents and children. We always hear about the happy ones and readers will sometimes write in to say that theirs was not so happy. I am sure there are a significant number of reunions which can turn nasty. However I doubt many of those would be willing to share details.”

It just struck me funny, a rallying cry for negative stories about adoption reunions.  Perhaps an insecure adoptive parent in a closed adoption?  A prospective adoptive parent?  One who uses search queries such as “positive adoption story” that leads them to this blog?  To me, the wording used in the comment does not sound like it is an adoptee speaking, if it was, the wording would be inclusive, instead of using words that speak of others in a group they aren’t part of.  Despite that rallying cry for negative adoption reunion stories, other commenters responded gently, and dare I say, politely?  Overall, it seemed most commenters felt that adult adoptees should have the right to know where they came from and that right trumped a parent by birth right to privacy.

Well done, more and more people are standing up for the rights of the adoptee to know where they came from.

N.L mom reunited with Alberta son she thought was dead



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