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Father’s Day…

There’s a father whose been fighting for 8 years to parent his daughter.  He’s had to fight in both Utah and Colorado courts.  Can you imagine the heartache?  The devastation?  All the time lost?  Every first he will never witness?  The memories they should have made together?  The emotional toll?  And he’s still fighting.

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So not true…

“Signing the papers was harder than Kayla imagined. In Ohio, a woman has 72 hours to change her mind.”

No, just no…

It should read: In Ohio, a mother can’t sign away her parental rights until a minimum of 72 hours has elapsed since giving birth.

Doesn’t matter what state, the number of hours after birth written into adoption is the MINIMUM she must wait after giving birth to sign away her parental rights. Read the rest of this entry »


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The Faces of Missouri Adoptee Rights…

Please watch at least the first video clip from the news, these are the faces of the adoptee rights movement in Missouri.  There is a clean bill working its way through the legislature.  The sponsor/author is also an adoptee. Read the rest of this entry »


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Article worth reading and a bit more…

I just read a good article about fathers and adoption in the Chicago Tribune, well worth reading.  Originally, I was just going to link it here, but then, I remembered a newspaper article from 1972 that provides some historical context to the article posted today.

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Update to the last post combined with a suggestion

I read articles and posts by both adoptive parents and birth parents about how the media doesn’t understand how adoption works.  There is a reason why that happens, and it starts with you.  Your words educate them when you write posts, comment on articles, give interviews to the press.  Understand how your words are part of the reason you end up upset about how the media gets adoption wrong.

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I see a mother and father as equal…

I’d read this story about Christopher Emanuel fighting for the right to parent his child who’d been placed for adoption by the baby’s mother.  The twist to his story is that he’d actually won the right to parent his child, unlike so many other fathers who lost when adoption was on the table.  If you’ve read this blog for any length of time, you know I think it’s wrong for willing fathers to be shut out.  All things being equal, both the mother and the father should have the right to consent or contest the adoption of their child.  Ethics matter, especially in adoption.

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Great post…

Please go to Rileys in Uganda link below and read the Q&A post with David Smolin  It’s about his session with Jedd Meddefind at CAFO conference.

Guest Post: David Smolin Shares his experience as a speaker at this years Christian Alliance for Orphan (CAFO) summit.





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Brilliant post by Lori….

Dear TX Senator Donna Campbell,


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“Selfish Bastard”…

I know, I couldn’t have picked a more provocative title if I’d tried.  Last night, while winding down, I read an article about why the Adoptee Rights Bill in Texas didn’t get to a vote.  An adoptive mother who is also a Texas state senator stopped it – in its tracks.  Wow, just wow is all I can say to that…

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Ancestors I can and can’t claim for different reasons

I’ve researched my paternal family tree since the 1940 census was released a couple of years ago that allowed me to know who my grandparents were.  While I’ve hit brick walls on part of the tree, other parts have become amazingly clear and well documented.  There’s a pretty big reason for how well documented it is, and yet, I want even more info than I’ve found, at the same time, I realize what a gift just having the knowledge to get this far and that makes me feel guilty, knowing others will never have theirs.  Everyday I see postings by people born in the 1940’s whose parents would have been born in the first quarter of the last century, what hope do they have of even being able to do a family tree? Read the rest of this entry »


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I’ve been mulling on the reactions by the public, not only to the author of the article in my last post, but other recent articles written by, or about, adoptees.  The solution is to change the public view of adoption.  If it can be done, it will take honesty from the entire adoption community.  Right now, how the public sees adoption isn’t real.  I can see why they view it that way, when an article has a title about taboo topics of adoption, when it isn’t anything close.  The title intrigued me, so I read it, if those topics are taboo, then I now understand why anything hard in adoption is met with such dismay.  Dismay may be putting it too mildly, perhaps running screaming in the opposite direction is more realistic.  How can we ever hope to get the public to understand that adoption is complicated for the adopted person when people inside of adoption, think these are taboo topics in adoption?

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Open Adoption does not mean adoption records are not sealed…


A comment by Robyn on the last post about adoptee rights made me dig into my draft posts to find this one to revise and post.  Part of Robyn’s comment said this: “We recently had a conversation on an open adoption group about how open adoption does not have anything to do with open records. Someone thought it did – that in an open adoption, the records weren’t sealed.”

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