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Worth the read…

An article by Claudia Y. Vercellotti, rebutting an editorial about the new Ohio state law:  New State Law is a welcome start

Editorial she’s talking about: New State Law Could Be Risky



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Please, just don’t…

I wish people wouldn’t write about something they obviously know nothing of, and are just assuming…

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I’ve been mulling on the reactions by the public, not only to the author of the article in my last post, but other recent articles written by, or about, adoptees.  The solution is to change the public view of adoption.  If it can be done, it will take honesty from the entire adoption community.  Right now, how the public sees adoption isn’t real.  I can see why they view it that way, when an article has a title about taboo topics of adoption, when it isn’t anything close.  The title intrigued me, so I read it, if those topics are taboo, then I now understand why anything hard in adoption is met with such dismay.  Dismay may be putting it too mildly, perhaps running screaming in the opposite direction is more realistic.  How can we ever hope to get the public to understand that adoption is complicated for the adopted person when people inside of adoption, think these are taboo topics in adoption?

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Why would an adoptive parent say this?


If you are an adoptive parent, or want to adopt – please, please, stop telling adoptees they should be grateful they weren’t aborted, or the dance around the subject using words like she chose life.  Either statement can be equally damaging to a person’s ego, self-image, self-esteem.  It’s just plain mean-spirited to tell a child (or adult) they should be grateful they weren’t aborted, regardless of how you word it.  It doesn’t even matter what the mother intended (or didn’t intend to do), and I’d note that unless you were that child’s mother you have no clue, it’s presumptuous to assume that abortion was even a consideration.

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Wishing peace, again…


Words aren’t coming easy today, for one, I am not a fan of any commercialized holiday – whether it is Christmas, Valentines Day, or Mother’s Day.  Mother’s Day has been hard for me for several reasons in the last few decades – but since my search ended with a grave, it has been harder than before.   Read the rest of this entry »


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Finding common ground, it is possible…


Red Flower by TAO 2014A comment was left here yesterday, that I declined to approve.  On the scale of some comments I have seen, it wasn’t the worst by any means.  It was though, derogatory to an entire segment of people in adoption, no exceptions, painting all with the same brush.  There is nothing to be gained by such comments except a further widening of the chasm between groups.  We can choose to come together, and agree to disagree on some points, and then, focus on points we do agree with… Read the rest of this entry »


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