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More Thoughts on The Baby Box Legislation

I can’t stop thinking about the safe haven baby box legislation in Indiana and how archaic and wrong-headed it seems to be. Wrong-headed that the state may not even know it has another citizen it is responsible for as babe’s guardian, as it’s optional whether or not to tell the state, or they can just contact an adoption agency when a baby is left in a safe haven box. When there is no documentation of the babe to even give to the state other than the baby was left in a safe haven box, let alone provide the merest bits of knowledge of where and who brought the babe into the world, they are just left with the fact they were left in a box to tell the child – it sure seems both archaic and dehumanizing at the same time.

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Dear Adoption Agencies – Yes You!

Now is the time for those of you who pride yourself on being a Good Ethical Adoption Agency to stand up and say No, this isn’t how adoption should be practiced. To speak up loudly and often, not just once. To demand this is not anywhere close to how an ethical adoption is done the right way. My goodness, the adoption agency receiving the baby from the safe haven baby box doesn’t even need to report that they received a safe haven baby to the regulatory authority in Indiana. No one there to even give the mother a handout and phone numbers to call that they’d do at a Fire Station or Hospital, just put your baby in a box and walk away.

Damn and double damn.

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From 2016: Physical and emotional scars…

The other day I stapled my finger, it caused a momentary sting, I noticed it was bleeding, put a band-aid on and went back to what I was doing. Until I sat down to write this post, I didn’t think of it because the wound was so minor I’d forgotten it in a matter of days. If I do it again, it may trigger a vague memory that I’ve done this before, then it will be gone.

Some wounds are so minor they just aren’t part of your conscious life, the above is an example that is vastly different from my next tale…

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Adoptee Rights Legislation 2023

Hoping for people in adoption and other allies to support Adoptee Rights Legislation this year, both for the International Adoptees who lack US citizenship through no fault of their own, and the bills put forward in State legislatures around the US. Typically what is asked is to add your voice to get legislation passed (or pulled).

Every voice matters, this year there is also a state specific Safe Haven Babies legislation added, and it’s important to pay attention to the that legislation (it isn’t good to put it kindly). I am by no means an expert so I’m asking you to read the following post on Safe Haven bill -> Indiana SB345: A Recipe for Corruption and lend your voice in support any requests from Adoptee Rights Law Center and Gregory D. Luce.

Follow Gregory on twitter to support any requests he makes to help move legislation.

My words aren’t working today, so will leave it at that. Thank you.

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Novel worth reading: “Looking For Jane” by Heather Marshall

I read a review of the Novel “Looking For Jane” by Heather Marshall, a first time author I believe. It’s a book set in Ontario, Canada back when unwed parenthood just wasn’t done, abortion was illegal and girls were sent away to maternity homes. Very similar to the Baby Scoop Era in the US. Article from The Toronto Star here about what happened back before abortion was legal in Canada. Note there was also a “Sixties Scoop, where Indigenous children were removed from their reserves and families and placed into non-Indigenous homes” that is also in the link above but isn’t part of this book.

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Adoption Then and Now

I stumbled on this paper and became curious, so I read it. It’s good, it starts at the beginning of adoption in the US circa 1850 and travels through the different periods of adoption history. It’s a must read, grab a beverage of choice and settle down to move through the many eras adoption has evolved through, while also keeping you up to date with what society was at that point in history.

It’s worth your time to stroll down the path adoption in the US has taken since the 1850’s.

David R. Papke, Pondering Past Purposes: A Critical History of American Adoption Law, 102 W. Va. L. Rev.
(1999). Available at:


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