They came for our mothers…

03 May

wrote this back in 2011…and what seems to be happening now made me remember it.

They came for our mothers, targeted one by one,
Society was their army, always present, always willing to condemn,
Words of shame and threats of what will the neighbors think were the only weapons needed then.
Our families sent our mothers away to protect the family name from public shame.
Stories fabricated why their daughters were sent away all done to protect their precious family name.
Our mothers went to maternity homes or distant relatives far, far away.
They told our mothers were how unworthy, shameless, and immoral they truly were,
Told adoption was their only salvation, and if they truly loved us they would give us away,
That babies deserved a mother and a father, not a poor unwed shameful mother.
They drugged and strapped our mothers down when their labor time was near,
They posted signs warning others – stay away, stay away, B.F.A…don’t you dare come near.
Not allowed to hold us, some not told they had a boy or girl, and even some that we had died.
Mothers told to go back home and carry on and hold your head up high,
Never speak of it, keep it secret, find a man get married and have another,
And today’s society still denies the damage caused to our mothers during the time now called The Baby Scoop Era.
I was born one winter day, taken to the nursery, cared for, yet unloved, and never named.
No one there to celebrate my birth and on day four I too became a ward, yet another Baby For Adoption, one of millions, nothing special, nothing more.
Two months later I became someone new, named, a new mother, father too, and a brand new ABC – falsified to hide my illegitimate shame.
Yet that day, I also lost my mother, my father, my family too, long before I could give voice to my feelings and desires.
That day I also lost my right to know who I was the day I was born, or get my OBC when I was older – at least that is until the day the court deemed I too had good cause to know my history,
Still the victory is hollow, the price is far too high, and yet still others have gone, and others will go to their graves, still denied.
As babies we were so valuable, bargained for, advertised for, coveted, prayed for, paid for…
Told we were special, chosen, loved, lucky, cherished, theirs forever more!
That our mothers loved us so much that they willing gave us away to have “two” parents, not just the “one” mother we most desired.
Now as adults we are told our rights don’t matter – that our mothers are afraid and live in secret fear – that their shameful past will be uncovered,
That we will “out them”, and “cause harm beyond repair”, and just to add more guilt and fear upon us – that we will hurt our other parents too!
That our mothers will not want to know us, or know we are alive, okay, or even that we may live right next door…
So I ask society and the adoption industry too – which story you tell is true, that our mothers loved us so much we were willing given away…
Or that they don’t love us and we make them so afraid, that one day we will come knocking, and that we might even want to know them too!
I was always told you cannot have it both ways, so from that I can only conclude – the adoption industry lies and I want to know which story is really true…
And now I see the signs that they are coming for unwed mothers once again, and in my heart I know it’s their healthy white babies which are the long sought-after prize…
Did they not learn from history that what they did was wrong, that the pain they caused never ever truly ends?
But to some it seems there is no price too high when babies are the goal, do they really have no shame to even consider bringing back the infamous Baby Scoop Era – yet again?
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One response to “They came for our mothers…

  1. beth62

    May 9, 2022 at 2:44 pm

    The pain from that damage done to me, to my families, my children, my grandchildren, never ever truly ends. I’ve done everything on the list to change the secrets. I’ve tried for decades to make things better for all involved, anything to help us heal from what was done to us by Adoption.

    I was forced to live in both of those stories, and they still continue their lunatic battle.
    The big secrets in my story have been busted. Things are 200% better and still improving since our reunion over 20 years ago.
    The pain from that damage done to me, to us, never ever truly ends.
    They came for my mother to get to me. As if she is nothing but a supplier, and I am whatever they want me to be.

    F’ em. I know my mother. I talked to her yesterday. She has always loved me, and always will, me too. She did not willingly give me away, she was put in a trap and did the best she could, and I never willingly let her be taken from me. She lost that battle, and we both know it. It took me 40 years to win mine.
    I hope “they” absolutely hate that, but I know “they” could care less about the real me, the real us, only care about what we say in public about it now. They scramble to twist words to counteract my inconvenient truths.

    We had lovely conversations on Mother’s Day, enjoyed each other for quite a while. When we say goodbye, we also encourage each other about how not to be terribly sad or depressed once we hang up. We both know what train is coming. I managed to make it til this morning before I got knocked off track, with all energy zapped. How such a good thing can be so God awful painful I’ll likely never understand or overcome.

    Then one of mine called and let me know about the newer term being pushed by people for pregnant men, who don’t want to be called mother, “birthing person”.

    I don’t even have enough energy today to warm up my Uranium PU-36 Explosive Space Modulator. So, like everything else, unless anyone has any strong objections, I’ll just put off blowing up the earth until later in the week 😀

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