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From 2016: Dealing with the loss of your parents

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Dealing with the loss of your parents…

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Yet Another Agency…

Modern adoption is not what it was many years ago. It is no longer a secretive subject. Most children who were adopted now know about their adoption story. In fact, most adoptions today are open or semi-open adoptions, meaning they know their biological parent(s) in some capacity. About 90 percent of children in an open adoption report having positive feelings about their circumstance. Their parents are encouraged by adoption professionals to speak about adoption, share age-appropriate information, and celebrate their child’s unique story of being loved by two families instead of one.source

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Let’s talk about Adoptee Rights

My getting sick all those years ago was the only reason why I obtained both my Original Birth Certificate and the Surrender Document of the day my mother went to court to surrender her parental right to me.

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Another “we weren’t told we were adopted post”…

Adoption has come a long way in the past 50 years. Adoptions were almost always kept secret and not always a birth parent’s choice back then. Fortunately, open adoption is the norm today. While there can always be issues, studies have shown that this type of adoption provides the most benefits for the birth parents, adoptive parents, and, most importantly, the adopted child.”

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Real Parents

I wrote this over a decade ago, lightly edited, ask yourself how much has changed since then, how much hasn’t…

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So, you had a good adoption experience.

I’m in a few different types of adoption groups on fb, a few I even regularly comment in, mostly though, I just check in to see if anything sparks my interest. Lately, there seems to be a few more adoptees joining groups who had a ‘good adoption experience’ and want to make sure everyone in whatever group they’ve joined, know how they feel.

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