Telling Adoption Stories

08 Nov

Thought it might be good to talk about when your child wants to tell their adoption story to the world because it’s Adoption Month. Is it a good thing for your child to do? Only you as the parent can answer that question. But first, if you are pro-adoption, pro-building your family via adoption, or pro-adoption because this was the only way I could become a parent; I’d urge you to take off your rose colored glasses about Adoption and being Adopted, and first, do a deep dive into your reasons, your biases, your ego and how they are playing into your reaction.

Once you’ve identified your biases that make you happy they want to share their story, ask yourself if you truly believe your child should share their personal adoption story to the world?

Assuming you’re on board with your child sharing; does your child have hard parts to their story? Parts the public doesn’t need to know, but the public really wants to know in every adoption story; parts that also have the potential to generate more clicks on the story? Parts that when they are 30, 45, 55 may also make them shudder that you allowed them to share their private adoption story details; that, without doubt are theirs to share, but only shared at this point of time because you gave them your positive affirmation that it was good to do.

Parents, please dig deep before you give your approval, carefully consider the impact today and well into the future of this choice, a choice that also may not play well with his family by birth, especially if you allowed your child to add in those juicy bits that generate more clicks. Parts that can be used against your child in school by their peers, may be embarrassing to them.

Please, take off your rose colored adoption glasses and take a hard look at the long-term ramifications for the child you adopted.


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2 responses to “Telling Adoption Stories

  1. Dannie

    November 8, 2021 at 8:24 pm

    Generally speaking my child is introverted and does not share often about anything. It’s like pulling teeth. Even on facebook, she has to approve any pictures of her I post or else she gets upset because it’s her picture and it should be her choice so I highly doubt she wants the world to know more than there needs to…..on the flip side of the coin, if she ever does, I’d speak to her about the pros and cons, however, she can be quite fixated on hat she wants to the point I have to be wise in how I approach so she doesn’t do the opposite of what I say. 12 year olds are super fun 😍

    That was a long winded way of saying, she’d kill me if I overshared outside of her.


    • TAO

      November 9, 2021 at 12:14 am

      When I was 12, I knew it all. I think you’ll manage well, you have common sense and empathy.



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