What were they thinking?

12 Mar

They are creating a pilot for a new comedy, I’m sure it will be swell seeing as it’s about a family that adopts a child. Apparently, it’s based on a true life story told by one of the older biological children in the family.

You know, because being uprooted and transplanted to a different country, learn a new language and trying to adjust is just so darn funny. Why not laugh at the new adoptee.

Also, way to protect the story of the one adopted…

My answer to the question in the title, they weren’t thinking, at least not about the one adopted whose story it is to tell, not tell, or how it’s told.

And another thought, let’s assume he’s on board with his story being told and see where it goes. Did anyone think to ponder on whether his approval was given because of the loyalty factor it seems most of us adoptees have. Or that underlying fear of abandonment (even just emotional abandoment is a fear) because we know it can happen, because it’s already happened at least once. Or even that he might just change his mind as he gets older and wiser on whether he wants his story told and how it gets told.

I do hope I’m wrong. I doubt I am and the thought that keeps running through my head is how many other adoptive families will think it’d be great to pitch their story to hollywood producers.

Ugh, Happy Friday, Stay Safe.

‘Adopted’: Shawn Vance, Bruce Campbell & Wendie Malick Lead Cast Of ABC Comedy Pilot


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3 responses to “What were they thinking?

  1. Robyn C

    March 16, 2021 at 3:13 am

    Like I said on Facebook, not enough vomit emojis…

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  2. onewomanschoice

    March 17, 2021 at 10:24 pm

    With a title like that, it should only be written by the adoptee him or herself. Just like we expect from other unique groups, like Black-ish, and Mix-ish.

    No different than if there was show called “Disabled” but it was written by someone other than the person with the disability, especially a show with comedy.

    Makes me very nervous to watch but I probably will at first just to see. My thoughts are with you and all adoptees.

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