The Push and Pull…(2016)

10 Mar

From 2016 The Push and Pull. I wrote this a few months after mom passed and struggling with the waves of different emotions and memories.

I’ve done lots of thinking during the last few months. Mostly about family, the good, the bad, and sometimes – downright ugly. Funny thing happened just now when I typed that last sentence, I imagined some readers making assumptions about what I meant just then, what ‘type’ of adoptee I am, having just written that. 

Although I used the term assumption above, we (everyone in adoption) know it’s true from years of having it proven true. True because of the desperation so many adopting parents have that needs adoption to be wonderful, always.

Nothing is wonderful, always, life always has good and bad components to it.

Getting back to the thinking part of my recent journey. Not just the good, warm memories hit me, bad memories too. Hard deeply emotional personal memories, some I didn’t want to remember, ever.

Good with the bad.

This post is for those who need adoption to be wonderful, always…

You can genuinely be part of your family, love life, just be, and also, mourn deeply for the life you would have had, should have had, all the losses not having that life entails. Too me, it’s a dichotomy. You can love and hate something at the same time.

If you can’t accept that, do some souls-searching on your experiences, pretty sure you’ll find something that makes the penny drop on what I’m talking about. Maybe it will help you understand what it’s like to live this life, being adopted.

The push and pull…


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2 responses to “The Push and Pull…(2016)

  1. Laksh

    March 10, 2021 at 5:47 pm

    Adoption or not, I am realizing as a mother, there are days when I love being one, there are days when it is very hard and they both are equally valid. Same thing about being a spouse. I love being married, I love my spouse yet there are days I wonder what life would have been had I been single and unencumbered. Both real, valid states of my head. Hugs! I love that you share so much of your feelings and experiences so kids like mine can skip the experiences they would have otherwise had. I will make mistakes no doubt, just hopefully not the ones I have learned not to make.

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  2. swiftabc

    March 10, 2021 at 10:01 pm

    Yes, the push and the pull, the both/and, losses and gains…

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