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Musing on Adoption and More

When did it become okay to treat Adoptive Parents as the enemy? Yes, they benefit from how adoption is currently practiced and many of the practices are wrong anyway you look at it, but the question remains – when did it become okay to be nasty for the sake of being nasty?

Maybe I’m just too old to understand.

Maybe the other Adoptees are right and I’m wrong.

Maybe I’m right and they are the ones who can’t see that being nasty doesn’t work.

Maybe the world changed; people changed and shaming is the only way to change anything. If that is true then we are all in a heap of trouble with no way to move into a kinder, gentler world. I hope not. Read the rest of this entry »


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Adoptees need your help for a Virtual Rally

Please tell me you’re in this time? That you take this egregious mess seriously? That you don’t want one more adoptee who was brought to the US, legally, complete with a path to citizenship, by their new Adoptive Parents (US Citizens) to be deported because their parents failed to follow through and get their child naturalized. Parents, who for whatever reason, lack of understanding all the way to just putting it off till it was too late and the immigration paperwork expired when the child turned 18 failed to take this last step. There are thousands of adoptees in the US who live in dread they will be sent back to the countries they were taken from as babies and toddlers and it’s just not right, or just.

This post gives you more details on the whole back story mess with the CCA of 2000 with sections quoted from the National Council for Adoption – Adoption Advocates publication. It should give you a better understanding of why this needs fixing, and why the time is now.

This time I’m hoping for Adoption Agencies to also climb on board promoting getting the Adoptee Citizenship Act HR2731 passed, and to show up on twitter and support the adoptees, regardless if your agency did international adoptions, or not, an adoptee is an adoptee and every adoptee matters.

On Twitter, you’ll find all the information you need to know, even retweeting adoptee posts with the hashtag #Citizenship4Adoptees helps. It’s happening Wednesday, September 23, 2020, between 11am PST and 2 pm EST. If you can’t make it then, go later and retweet (quote retweet) and include the hashtag #Citizenship4Adoptees



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Getting personal in regards to being adopted.

I’ve been pondering on a conversation my husband and I had the other night, sparked by a question on a game show of all things. Something about how long is too long for your in-laws to visit. Long story short, he didn’t like how mom treated me, how she always seemed to find a way to put me down. Read the rest of this entry »


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Muddling two different adoption subjects into one?

No, Adoptee Rights Legislation passed in a particular state through the hard work of adoptees does not mean the state is an “open adoption state”. Is there no editor at

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International Adoptee’s need your help

In the Child Citizenship Act (CCA) of 2000 a crucial segment of International Adoptees adopted by US Citizens living in the USA were left behind. They can and have been deported back to the countries they were adopted from as babies or young children. This needs fixing, there is current legislation pending that needs to be promoted. Below is information published over the years (oldest to present) by the National Council For Adoption about this issue. Please read, please help getting the current legislation through (It’s listed in the last NCFA Advocate below.)

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I’m looking at you Adoptive Parents and Adoption Agencies

You are the ones who create those mushy memes and hashtags that tell everyone how beautiful it is to be adopted. How beautiful it is to adopt. How amazing adoptive families are. You actively promote adoption with slogans like those below.

  • Adoption is Beautiful

  • Adoption is Love

  • Adoption Saves Lives

  • Adoption Rocks

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Positive or Negative Stories in Adoption

I want to see a concerted shift in how the adoption community talks about adoptee stories, specifically, the labelling adoptee stories as positive or negative. Stay with me a minute while I explain. Read the rest of this entry »


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Get Involved, It’s Important

Adoptees for Justice is asking for your help. They are asking you contact your congressman and ask them to support HR2731 before it expires. HR2731 will fix the gaps left after the passage of the CCA of 2000 once and for all. (CCA = Child Citizenship Act).

It’s important to get this fixed, International adoptee’s have been deported and will be deported back to the countries they were adopted from, despite having legally entered the US with the proper paperwork with their adoptive parents. For whatever reason their parents never ensured they were naturalized before they turned 18. It’s a huge problem, it needs fixed. So please consider following the links, learn about what needs to be done and how you can help.

Please help, read the twitter thread linked below, or you can just go to Adoptees For Justice to help.


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The Name on the Original Birth Certificate

I’ve been thinking about naming and how it seems to be done today in DIA (Domestic Infant Adoption), and why one aspect bothers me, both personally and ethically. That is what has been bouncing around in my thoughts lately, so I thought I’d try to make sense in a post. Read the rest of this entry »


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