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Holidays and Rabbit Holes…

December and the holidays are a mixed bag for me. I have wonderful memories of Christmas past and present, traditions kept, the carols, love the carols and memories of going caroling as a child, the frozen fingers and toes and the hot chocolate after. December is also filled with deeply personal losses that haunt me every year, and some years, I fall down the rabbit hole of loss. Read the rest of this entry »


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Open Holiday Thread

Holidays can be hard.

Holidays can be good.

Holidays can also be both hard and good at the same time.

Whatever your Holiday ends up being like you are welcome to drop a note of joy, be sad here, be on top of the world one minute and sad the next, or over-the-top happy and filled with joy.

We celebrate Christmas so I’m spending Christmas Eve listening to Christmas Carols and just being, then a quiet Christmas Day with just me and my man. We both crave solitude away from the hustle and bustle and commercialization that this holiday brings. We’ll spend time together and time doing our own things and then top it off with Christmas Dinner.

Share with each other in the comments, but please, be kind.

Be Safe.






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From 2014: Good grief, this gets so tiring…

[2014] Earlier this week the Today Show included a segment on a daughter meeting her mother for the first time.  A daughter that resorted to using Facebook to try to find her by putting her personal information out on the internet (risky), but it paid off, and a reunion happened.  So what happens in the comments on the Today Facebook page after the segment aired?  (Be warned that I am using adoptive parents repeatedly throughout because that is what was used.)

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Would Both/And Allow for Honest Conversations in Adoption?

Both/And allows a person to be free to acknowledge and hold more than one truth even though it seems counterintuitive or contrary. In adoption I think it is a badly needed mindset to allow for more honesty and respect – both between the three groups and within each group.

Grab a coffee to go with the imaginary chocolate chip cookies pictured and read through the scenarios. Tell me which ones you agree with, which you don’t, whether it’s possible to move people in adoption in this direction. Cheers  Read the rest of this entry »


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Hidden feelings

Not sure if it’s the holiday season causing memories to randomly appear in my mind, or the unrest inside me still reverberating from the viral adoption video/story, or because this season is always so very hard for me now. Whatever it is, it sparked the post below and I don’t know whether I’ve ever talked about this here before.. Read the rest of this entry »


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Adoption Stories…

Today, I want to talk about the latest adoption viral story to hit the internet and TV shows. It did the rounds on facebook pages and hit the adoption groups on Facebook, instantly. Pretty much, most of the adoptive parents were all aflutter loving it, the adoptees, not so much, with some loving it, some thought it wasn’t bad, some didn’t like it at all. And of course, there were those adoptive parents who knew an adoptee (or three) who all loved it, but, I don’t think any adoptee weighing in thought the destruction of that little boy’s privacy was right, or good. And it’s not good because you don’t know the future on any of his feelings; but the feel good need so many had, removed any consideration of protecting his story and that it should be sacred for just his family and close friends. Read the rest of this entry »


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What I lost

I was having a conversation about reunion and how it can create havoc in your soul. The conversation evolved and moved into more specifics, specifically, the areas of loss an adoptee may feel. That digging deep triggered this post. Read the rest of this entry »


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