National Adoption Awareness Month – Day Four Round-up

04 Nov

Been sitting back and watching the start of this month unfold. Loving the adoptees speaking up, refocusing people onto topics worthy of discussion, hopeful others in adoption get on board with just sitting back and letting the ones at the center of adoption have the podium, so to speak. This post is links to what you may have missed, but need to read, and an older post of mine that speaks to the concept of celebrating adoption that I remembered I’d written after reading the first post linked below.

Last years article in HuffPost making a come back this year. I’m Adopted, But I Won’t Be Celebrating National Adoption Month by Stephanie Drenka. “For many adoptees, the life story they are told begins with their adoption, but their arrival is only part of a longer narrative.”

Why I can’t celebrate adoption… the short post I wrote back in 2015, the comments are worth taking the time to delve into from all parties to adoption.

A timely post by the author Akin to the Truth Paige A Strickland It’s #NAAM! What do YOU think about that? The post also links to current events happening this month.

Courtney started day two of the month off with a stellar thread on twitter that speaks to the subject of citizenship and why it matters that we all rally around the adoptees left behind to get a legislative fix. Yesterday, on day three she did a thread with poll everyone should also take the time to read, I’ve linked it below as well. If you aren’t following Courtney on Twitter, you’re missing out on so much wisdom. Follow Courtney @WordyRamblings

Posts you’ve read this month that you think should be included in this Round-up? Link them in the comments.



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