We must do better, we must speak up

20 Jul

And not just this time, every time we see it happen.

I’m white and what’s happening is not okay. I’ve watched a growing and vocal hate for People of Color that used to be hidden, somewhat, now it’s blatant, vocal and loud.

Saying I’m sorry isn’t enough, it can’t soothe away the stress of being on full alert mode every single day. Sorry doesn’t fix you being treated like you’re trash because you aren’t white and subjected to the racism every time you turn around.

Saying you’re not racist isn’t enough, we have to try to tear down the bigotry, convince them to remove that big ole plank from their eye that makes them think they’re special because they were born white. What I do know is that calling yourself a Christian doesn’t make you a Christian, especially when you spew racial hate and seek to divide, or choose to stay silent.

I’ve been trying to write something worthy that will make the penny drop, but after six hours of trying, I’ve deleted much and hope it’s enough to be heard by those who need to hear it. Below are three new posts, one older that is short and says so much and a FB page you should be following that are all relevant to what happened just this last week.

The Trauma of ‘Go Back’: Calling Out Racism in Full

When Racism Consumes Everything

‘Go back’ is how racists try to deny my American-ness. But I’m never leaving.

I feel homesick but home doesn’t exist.

Diary of a not so angry adoptee (FB page/post)



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