Knowledge we all deserve

02 Feb

Snippet from a post written back in 2014

I finally know
What happened the day I was born…
Who I was supposed to be…
Who I look like…
Where my personality comes from…
Who my mother, father, grandparents, ancestors were…
What they all did for a living…
Where they traveled from and what brought them to this new land…
The challenges they faced, how they overcome them…
Where they settled, how they prospered..
What my nationalities are…

Today, adoptees just like me still don’t know and it’s past time for that to change. It’s time no more adoptees go to their grave never knowing their truth if they want to know but are denied by law. No one should be denied the right to know who and where they came from, no one. Please choose to be an active participant in Adoptee Rights this year. Follow @adopteelaw on twitter or at Adoptee Rights Law be part of the change that needs to happen. Thank you.


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One response to “Knowledge we all deserve

  1. beth62

    February 23, 2019 at 5:09 pm

    Thanks for writing this TAO.

    This is what damaged me the most. This is what damages Adoption.
    Not knowing all of that hurt. It caused many difficulties for me, it drove me in all sorts of ways to explore, any and every way I could find to learn more about myself. To learn what could have happened. To learn what it could have been like for my mother, rather and their families. To learn how and why, and what their situations could have felt like. What I found in my exploring? Understanding and Forgiveness is what I found.

    Not being permitted to know? Not within the Law to know? That was the real kick in the face. The real shackles and cage. I rebelled against anything and everything, everyone, that came close to that idea in most every way I could.

    Not being legally permitted to know has absolutely nothing to do with where, how or with who I was living, or who I call family, or who I spend my time with. Nada.

    I am worthy to know. I was worthy to know. I refuse and refused to spend my time on this earth with people or organizations they were a part of that. Those who told me I wasn’t worthy, told me I was a different sort that simply couldn’t have this info, in my best interests.. Not that it wasn’t available, it was simply a choice made by many others for me, a price I was/am to pay for all.

    I was told I was a gift, from humans. Not just a life, a gift from God to this earth, my beating heart a blessing from heaven, like they say about everyone else born.
    But a gift from one human to another.

    It’s taken me a while to respond to this.
    I was excited to hear that a Senator, Rob Whittman, was an Adoptee. Then I read about him and have been so very sad since. I haven’t been able to summon the strength to contact him about legislation to allow equal access to records of birth for all. I’m in the mud. I don’t know where to begin. I’m sad for him too, by what he says about himself, even tho I’m sure he’d tell me he is just fine. The last guy I spoke with who claimed to be just fine, one who insisted I am just fine too, and if I wouldn’t agree there is something wrong with ME, took his own life. So yeah, there is that.

    The first line I read in a news letter from him, concerning adoption legislation he was working on, started like this…
    “As an adopted child…” My heart sank.
    Then the idea that his life began when he was adopted.
    He wants to legislate, and I think did, that pregnant women are made formally aware of adoption instead of abortion.

    I don’t even have the strength, or the stomach at this point, to ask if he has interest in writing any bills about equal access to records, yet. Let alone read more. And then the ERA…
    I don’t even know where to begin. I want to warn politicians that supporting this discrimination will be the blackface of Adoption eventually, I hope.

    I feel like I’m in the Republic of Gilead, somewhere in Gattica, at The Top of the Lake, especially after visiting Craigslist, omg.
    I’ve determined those movies need to be required viewing for anyone associated with Adoption in anyway. Movies, the only way I can think of to get the latest generations of parents to learn about more. I’m going to go nap now 🙂



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