03 Oct

Yesterday, so much horror, devastation, loss happened.  I was transfixed at the sheer hopeless feeling enveloping me as I heard, watched images onscreen.  My solemn deep-felt condolences to everyone affected by this tragedy.

Yet, we know our collective offered condolences are shallow comfort when you’ve lost someone dear to you.

It is at the same time comforting to know others care, it also doesn’t bring back the loved one you lost, something many know in the adoption community, different reasons, each a deep loss.  Grief is woven into so many stories throughout our community, each unique, each heartbreaking to the one experiencing it.

We all have our stories, stories with love and loss woven through them.

Honor the story.  Sit with it.  Absorb it.

Be kind to others, be gentle, walk away if you can’t be that.  Even when you need to talk about hard topics, always be aware of that which you don’t know about the person you’re speaking to, about.  Moderate your words, or find a different time to broach the subject.

Just be kind with your words, even if you must be firm.

Give grace instead of condemnation whenever possible.



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Posted by on October 3, 2017 in Adoption



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