That cute set of pictures you set to public?

18 Aug

Being on wordpress, I have a wordpress reader that shows me the blog posts of those I follow, or I can see blog posts based on the tag they’ve added to their post.  I’ve discovered some excellent blogs through tags, it also allows me to read views I don’t share.  It’s a great way to pass time drinking my coffee in the morning.

Just now, I saw three pictures of a cute little girl.  The first picture showed her holding a chalkboard with the number of days she spent in Foster care, the next says no more, the third she’s adopted.  She’s a beautiful child, and thankfully you didn’t share her name.  The pictures are stunning.  I’m sure the series is proudly displayed in your  home.  It’s also showing up on a site with the headline: Adoption is a choice we can all live with.  The site is a pro-life site and the tags are adoption and abortion.  Let that sink in, a pro-life site using the child whose had a traumatic start as a poster child to chose life.

In the grand scheme of places you wouldn’t want those pictures to show up, not so bad.

Yet, your precious child was taken away from her home, family, for whatever reason, then spent 2+ years in Foster Care and is now a member of your family, and is being used by other people for their agenda.  You have no way to control the use of those images, heck you probably won’t even know where (or how) they are being used.  But this site is using your child to promote a pro-life agenda, one you may share, but your child went through a tremendous amount of trauma, a trauma that will in some way always be a part of her, that no one would wish on a child, isn’t that enough.  If it was just promoting adoption from foster care, great.  It’s not and you can’t control it.  It’s promoting pro-life and choosing life when you are pregnant instead of abortion site, not even close to promoting adopting from foster care.

Again, not so bad, but you have no control over who will use those pictures, or for what.  And it’s the what that scares me.  Share your joy.  Share your story.  Understand the risks of doing it so publicly.  Not just to you and your family, but over the lifetime of your child, and her feelings about it, her adoption.

Share wisely.  You can’t undo that impulsive choice to make your child’s story public which in turn went viral.  Is whatever cause you are promoting worth it?


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2 responses to “That cute set of pictures you set to public?

  1. eagoodlife

    August 18, 2016 at 11:38 pm

    Reblogged this on The Life Of Von and commented:
    The importance of careful consideration before posting those photos of a child’s trauma, photos that can never be removed and will accompany this child through her adopted life – doesn’t she have any choice?.


  2. eagoodlife

    August 18, 2016 at 11:40 pm

    Once again an adoptee being commodified, used and pressed into the service of adoption – she has no choice and the choice of others will follow her through her adopted life.



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