If you didn’t read the research, don’t comment on it…

23 May

I’ve seen the same reasoning below by adopting parents when the topic of suicide and adoptees comes up, so, I thought it was worth posting about.  This time it was an adoptee who wrote this comment on a Facebook page under a post with a link to an article stating that adoptees are 4 times more likely to attempt suicide:

This is only true if you include adoptions well after birth, like the children in fostercare. If you just use adopted at birth, then the suicide rate drops dramatically. (source)

It’s common in the adoption world to downplay any negatives that can happen in adoption.  That’s a problem whether the topic is about suicide, bullying, racism, identity, grief.  It has to stop.

If you can’t take the time to read the article posted and follow the link provided to the study, then don’t comment, you aren’t qualified.  For the sake of clarity, below are the facts of the study – instead of blather in the comment above.

All adopted offspring were permanently placed in their adoptive homes before 2 years of age (mean: 4.7 months; SD: 3.4 months); 96% were placed before 1 year. Parents provided both offspring country of birth and ethnicity; this information was not used in recruitment. Participation rate at intake was 63% among adoptive and 57% among nonadoptive families, which was a nonsignificant difference.

The adoptee sample reflects adoption practice in Minnesota during relevant birth years, that is,74% were born outside the United States, most of whom were female (60%) and from South Korea (90%). (source)

If you haven’t taken the time to read the research – don’t try to ‘explain’ why it really isn’t a big deal.

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One response to “If you didn’t read the research, don’t comment on it…

  1. Jill Daviau

    May 24, 2016 at 5:07 pm

    I knew exactly who you were talking about before I saw the source. I saw that comment too. FYI that poster (who is named after a rapist for goodness sake) is a fairly well-known “troll”. He firmly believes that every baby of an unwed and/or teen mother should be immediately placed for adoption. He constantly denies the trauma. Check out the Facebook page “I AM ADOPTED” for posts/comments by him, and you’ll see what I’m talking about.



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