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13 Jul

What is the first thing that you think of when you hear the term: Outreach

If you are like me, outreach has come to mean there is a goal to provide services to people who have fallen through the cracks.  It’s something done by activist, churches, communities…

It’s an altruistic outpouring of love for that specific segment or group…to provide assistance, shelter, food, education, treatment, what ever is needed that is missing.  It’s a good thing being done by people who want to help others.

But apparently I’m wrong in my definition because like everything in adoption, words are used to make people feel fuzzy and warm.

People now offer adoptive parents “birthmother outreach” services, and “birth parent outreach” services, and no, it’s not family preservation services they are offering.

My Monday morning warm and fuzzy for you….

P.S. a birthmother has already signed away her rights to her baby, they’d be better off providing “expectant parent outreach” services…just saying….


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4 responses to “Pop Quiz…

  1. cb

    July 14, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    Outreach to me means reaching out to provide services to people.

    “Birthmother outreach” can mean reaching out to women who are already bmoms and letting them know there are other bmoms out there.

    Unfortunately, the usual meaning is exactly what you have pointed out, i.e. it is all about marketing. Whenever I see an adoption professional talk about “birthmother outreach”, I always feel like I’m a product.


  2. L4R

    July 14, 2015 at 11:08 pm

    Check this out:
    “How to Adopt: Birthmother Outreach”

    Yes, I feel very warm and fuzzy. In my opinion, thi group of people is akin to ambulance chasers.


  3. beth62

    July 15, 2015 at 2:57 pm

    The oh so helpful Church Ladies and Public and Private Outreach Agents who get the wiff of a baby or two coming from our place and decide to visit “to offer help” (yet they show up with nothing to offer) – – – get run of my porch and off of my property, their numbers get blocked from my phone, warnings are sent out, and our youngest, and oldest ones, scurry for a safe hiding place.
    They use the elderly as an excuse to “get in” for a while and snoop.

    I just sent some of the outreachers a list of all the property I own and all of the property they are not permitted on, for any reason, and the phone numbers that are restricted from them, or I will bring charges.

    Even had one of the B’s tell a young mother she couldn’t take care of her kids well enough without their father being there……. he is on active duty in N. Africa until December… This young mother is awesome and has a full time support group of over 20 responsible adults, as well as a huge group of army spouses. Apparently children of active duty military parents are at risk, a new market for the outreachers to conquer. This same B went to the army spouse’s support group meeting and reached out to offer them help to find a better life for their army brats.

    Yes, It has become that bad.
    I’m done talking to any of them.
    They are not interested in ethics or best interests of the family.
    The more I talk, the more they make up lies.

    Have a big stick, and a lawyer, will use both.
    If I make the news, don’t believe the lies, you know me enough to see things straight.


  4. beth62

    July 15, 2015 at 3:28 pm

    Oh, apparently “Birthmother” has been given yet another new to me marketing definition:

    A mother who has given birth, and is raising her young child/children, often alone, often on assistance.

    They said I was too old to be a birthmother, according to their definition, even tho I birthed and raised my children, often alone and with assistance from others. Plus they said I could afford to raise a kid now, so not really a “birthmother” by their definition. ??????

    I asked if they believed that all military children were at risk – the answer: Typically only those with limited funds and parental support. (meaning if the mother of young ones is living off of her husbands military income and not living with her parents/family she does not have enough money or support.) The military moms here all work – which is even worse in the outreacher’s opinions – “no baby deserves a working mother”

    It was entirely obvious that the children of concern to these outreachers did not include those who had passed second grade. I suggested 2 young teens that really and truly need their help… they were not interested, had no suggestions.

    Please excuse me while I go scream outloud for a while.



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