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What I never see in any of those adoption lists…

I often see adoptive parents post lists of things not to say to adoptive families, or talk about how the media gets things so wrong, terrible Lifetime movies, TV shows that don’t get adoption right, the words used by others instead of using positive adoption language, and how damaging all those things are to the adopted child.

You know what they never include in those lists or all the other things that everyone else gets so wrong?

All those videos and blog posts talking about how wonderful, and brave the birthmother is who just placed, or is placing her baby for adoption, and isn’t it just beautiful.  I’ve never seen them say, wait a minute, that could be triggering for, or damaging to my child to watch another mother do that, especially my child whose struggling right now with why they weren’t kept, what was wrong with them, why weren’t they good enough to keep.

Nope, I never see pushback by adoptive parents about that, if you have, link in the comments…


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