Challenge for parents about adoptee rights…

13 Jun

For anyone opposed to the adoptee having the right to their original birth certificate, a historical document created by those who witnessed the birth.  A factual, unaltered birth certificate.  I invite you to consider what feelings and thoughts would run through your mind if this was your child, as an adult, posting on Facebook.  Superimpose your child’s picture and details over the picture in the article below of the adoptee sharing personal, intimate details about himself to the world.  Dig deep, really imagine how you would feel seeing your child doing what they feel is the only way they can ever find the answers they seek, sharing the private personal details of their story to the world.  Would it spark anger that they feel they have no other option but to put themselves out there like that?  That the only reason they have to do this is because they are adopted, that you, adopted them.  Every adoptee who does this also has parents just like you…

Would you stand up and fight for change if this was your child?

I’d imagine there isn’t an adoptee who would ever choose to do this, except that they feel they have run out of options, time is growing shorter with every passing day.  Decades of trying to get the laws changed state by state, hoping that this year will be different, only to have the proposed legislation squashed by people who fear adoptees discovering where they came from.  From the fear of the insecure parents to the fear of some about potentially questionable actions and practices of the past being shown the light of day.  I firmly believe those practices are the true skeletons in the closest that some hope to keep there.

So, year after year, the legislation fails in states across the nation.

To the adoptee, there is no other way to hope to solve their questions that have gone unanswered, so they try putting everything out there, on Facebook, Twitter, anywhere they can possibly find answers.  Simple questions that could be answered on a simple piece of paper that they are denied access to, that has the answers to what most people have always known…who they were born to be, who they come from.

Simple questions that beg for an answer deep inside your soul…whether you are 20 or 80…so you resort to this….and sometimes you get lucky, but is that the price anyone is comfortable with the adoptee having to pay – just because they were adopted?

Veteran from Oswego uses Facebook to connect with birth family

Get involved, please…it doesn’t matter if your child has their original birth certificate, other adoptees just like your child – are denied…

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