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Regarding ‘Mother May I’ amendments…

The post below might seem contradictory to other posts where I have talked about the expectant parents needing the most protection during an adoption seeing as they’ve already started off on the wrong foot so to speak, from a point of being in crisis…

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Grandpa and Dad…

(not really adoption related)

Dad was a storyteller.  He loved telling stories about his relatives, his dad, other people, things that had happened that he found interesting.  All told with his slowly spoken words that highlighted his dry wit, they also included tiny little interesting tidbits woven in.  I never stopped and wondered where his gift of storytelling came from, until I began going through grandpa’s last journal, an odd collection of deep thoughts, ramblings, intermixed with stories of yesteryear, and poems, then it became obvious that dad got his gift of storytelling from his dad.

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I’m sorry…

I’ve looked around at people and wondered what could make a person hate another person, or group of people, solely because of the color of their skin.  It defies logical thought to judge a person, or group of people, as good, or bad, based on the color of their skin, and yet, the evidence clearly shows that people do this, some, apparently seem to think it’s completely rational and normal.  I have no answers or even ideas how to combat this pervasive hateful way of thinking.  I just know it is wrong, harmful, and despicable.

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Challenge for parents about adoptee rights…

For anyone opposed to the adoptee having the right to their original birth certificate, a historical document created by those who witnessed the birth.  A factual, unaltered birth certificate.  I invite you to consider what feelings and thoughts would run through your mind if this was your child, as an adult, posting on Facebook.  Superimpose your child’s picture and details over the picture in the article below of the adoptee sharing personal, intimate details about himself to the world.  Dig deep, really imagine how you would feel seeing your child doing what they feel is the only way they can ever find the answers they seek, sharing the private personal details of their story to the world.  Would it spark anger that they feel they have no other option but to put themselves out there like that?  That the only reason they have to do this is because they are adopted, that you, adopted them.  Every adoptee who does this also has parents just like you…

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Could it be?

While doing those seemingly endless mundane chores around the house, I suddenly had this bizarre thought out of the blue – so here I am throwing it out for discussion.

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Brilliant post by Lori….

Dear TX Senator Donna Campbell,


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