She’s a mom…

07 Feb

I just read this post The Most Powerful Thing You Can Say to Another Mom and while reading it, all I could think of was how mom reacted each time she thought about any of our mothers loosing us.  Her face crumbled in anguish and tears would stream down at just the thought of what our mothers went through.  So many years later, that is her same reaction.

Yes, mom is a mom…

Have a safe weekend…

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One response to “She’s a mom…

  1. Tiffany

    February 11, 2015 at 7:25 pm

    I read this posted in my mom group on facebook and it really echoed within me because it’s how I have always felt.

    The worst moment of my entire life so far happened the day that we brought our daughter home. Witnessing the pain of her mother broke me, and still does. It brings me to tears (eyes are filling right now) every time I think of it. The pain was tangible. I could actually hear her heart breaking. I wanted to put her daughter back in her arms and run away, but I couldn’t because that wasn’t a possible situation for her. I had given birth before, and I knew exactly that connection she felt to her daughter, and I knew the feeling of your breath being taken from you to even be away for a second from your newborn child. To separate forever… I couldn’t hold back the tears.

    Someday, I know my daughter will question how her mother could give her up. And I will be able to say that it broke her, that it tore her heart apart, and that the pain she felt was so great it filled up the room with its sorrow. How did she do it? How did she walk away? I really don’t know because I could barely move for the grief, and it was just from what I felt for her. She was incoherent with grief. But when you are faced with no choice, you are forced to endure that pain. She walked away because staying wasn’t an option.

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