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Analogy and #FlipTheScript on #NationalAdoptionMonth


I’ve talked about how my post stroke brain needed re-wiring many times over the years, and the struggles and loss it brought both to me and my family.  I’ve also experienced many people telling me how wonderful it was that I have recovered so much of what I had lost.  I’m at the point that you may not even realize I’ve had a stroke because you only see what’s on the surface, especially if you only see what is written and have no idea how many edits it took to get to that point.  Everyone had different terms to describe the progress; amazing, wonderful, miraculous, but few dug deeper to consider what never will come back.  For me, my progress is amazing from where it was.  I am thankful, ever so thankful.  But, I’m not thankful, or find it amazing – that I had a stroke begin with, nor that while I have recovered to a certain extent, that I will never be who I was before.

I think the above is a decent analogy on how I also feel about adoption, being adopted, living with all the flaws and loss that adoption brings.  I think it also does a good job of describing the disconnect between those looking in, and those living within.

It’s a completely different script.

Adoptees this month are working towards something similar to re-wiring but to the adoption community as a whole.  Talking about ‘all of adoption’, not just the view of adoption from the adoptive parent side.






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