Cycling to raise awareness of Adoptee Rights…

27 Sep


A man is cycling from Vermont to Minnesota to finally meet his family.  I don’t know him, in fact, today is the first day I’ve ever heard of him.  His name is Tim Howard and he’s adopted.

An article “New England Man Rides Bike To Minnesota For Adoption Awareness” can be found here.  The reason why he’s cycling?

“Tim chose the self-powered, two wheel method in an effort to raise awareness for adoption rights.”

Like many of us, he started searching in mid-life, and also ran into the same brick wall of not having the right to his original birth certificate.  Overcoming that brick wall that takes money, emotions, and time, to often it can’t be overcome.  It appears his only option for the state he was born in was to use an agency to search. He started his search in 2012, they found his mother in late 2013.  His story then becomes similar to many of us, but far more poignant.  The court unsealed his original birth certificate in the spring of 2014, four months after his mother had passed away.  Four months too late.  His trip is to meet the rest of his family.

You can read his story on his fundraising page for his cycling trip.  Per his gofundme post, 25% of funds raised to meet his goal – will go various adoptee rights/adoption reform groups, including the Adoptee Rights Coalition and American Adoption Congress.  After he reaches his goal, 100% of funds will be donated to those groups!

If you can help, please do…not only are you supporting Tim, you are supporting Adoptee Rights and creating awareness of the need to restore our rights.  On his gofundme page he has links to those two groups noted above, if you prefer to donate directly to them.

His blog documenting his trip each day with pictures can be found here .  Yesterday was Day 13…

Good luck Tim – thank you for raising awareness of Adoptee Rights…

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