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No, adoptees have not been the reason why…


Awhile back, an adult adoptee who writes posts for Adoption Net, wrote a post about how she believes some adoptees is why the public doesn’t have a positive view of adoption…

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When I was a teen I didn’t understand…


When I was a teen (way, way back when) and I was struggling with all the complicated, and contradictory feelings of what being adopted meant (no one knew I had those feelings), I decided that only those adopted, should adopt.  It made sense in my teen mind that it would be much better if only those who had lived it, adopted, so the young one would have an adult who could understand.

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Adoption relationships can be complicated, being kin adds another layer…


This is a completely different type of post and how I have written it, is based both on what I have read that made sense to me from adoptive parents who’ve been in the process a long time, and thoughts from my experience.  Hope it gives others reading a few more things to think about.

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Just a quick thought…


The whole concept of “was adopted” vs. “is adopted” (and all the different variations of that) is so that adoption doesn’t define their child.  I keep going back to that and still can’t seem to understand why adoption isn’t allowed to be something that is part of what defines you…

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Red herring…


So, I was reading this post today, not a bad article in general, but the distancing language made it clear to me, that the genetic link wasn’t to be considered a familial link, just genetic, and while it could be important, how important was it really.  The last sentence in the quote below, just seem disingenuous in a post about donor conception and families and whether or not the genetic link is important.

“Throughout the history of mankind—the history of families—genetic lineage has mattered. But are we currently in a post-genetic age?  We now know that two unrelated people share 99 percent of their DNA in common.”

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Attacking Those Who Care for Vulnerable Children

I agree, please read (the links too) and share. I think it is wrong what the lawyer from Florida did.

Light of Day Stories

Who would attack the work of a pediatric nurse practitioner who has lived among the poorest of the poor in rural Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who adopted twin Congolese girls whose mother died in childbirth, and whose organization works to keep emaciated children alive, with the hope of reuniting them with their families, rather than promoting international adoption?

International adoption–with its confluence of money, children, and inequity–can evoke terrible egotism and emotions. Adoption is of course a wonderful, valuable option for children who genuinely need families. But we have to create adoption policy with ears wide open not only to the experiences of adoptive parents, but also those of adopted people and first/birth parents.

In terms of international adoption, we need to listen as well to the voices of those in the countries from which children are adopted. Holly Mulford has on-the-ground experience in Congo. She’s the nurse practitioner…

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Is it right, wrong, or a grey area?


This past week someone who is the CEO of one of the largest adoption agencies in the US penned a letter to the editor of the Detroit News.  A letter in response to an article on the number of abortions happening…and how adoption is an option… Read the rest of this entry »


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