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2013 – a hard year but for some a good year too..


Last year, I did 12 for 12 to end the year and I enjoyed trying to come up with posts others may have not read.  This year I decided to mix it up a bit…this year focusing adoptees and fathers and justice or not…and no, I don’t expect you to read all the links they are just for reference because this post took a while to compile… Read the rest of this entry »


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what every adoptee wants to know

Review of Philomena by Marijane Nguyen – another adoptee who was too late to have her own questions answered.

Musings of a Taiwanese American Adoptee

When I was growing up in Louisiana, one of the questions I was most often asked by others upon learning that I was adopted was, “so who are your ‘real’ parents?” It was fairly obvious that I was adopted, as I looked nothing like my white parents. I had straight black hair, almond shaped eyes and skin the color of my dad’s morning cup of coffee. I was usually annoyed by the question each and every time it was asked. My typical response was, “well my parents are my real parents.” My adoptive parents were the only parents I knew. The only parents I would ever know. I have no doubt that other adoptees encounter the same question and perhaps feel the same annoyance.

What baffles me is that I was never curious about my birthparents until about two years ago after finding my adoption papers, 40 years after my…

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