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16 Nov


An adoption happened this past week that I am thankful happened.  I’m thankful that a child who needed a home, has a good home.  That a brand-new baby found a very good mom and dad.  

This isn’t my usual response, normally so many different thoughts cloud my mind, I get a lump in my throat, and an ache deep inside me.  There are many reasons this happens, and I hope you will listen and just perhaps – next time you won’t be so quick to shout Yay, adoption is sooo beautiful each time you see an adoption announcement on-line for someone you don’t know, or, barely know.

Usually when I hear an adoption happened, I want to cry for grief felt by the mother and father, the grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins who just lost a family member.  I want to cry that a baby just lost the family they were born into. 

Then the questions in my mind start…all the different ethical questions that I need answers to first.  Was it ethical, moral, without coercion, needed to happen, were both parents part of the process, or, did the adoption happen only because of highly suspect laws carefully designed to be pro-adoption friendly. 

The process matters to me and it should to you too…

The adoption that I am thankful for – I know the new mother.  We have had many long talks, and, have similar feelings about how and when an adoption should happen.  I trust her and know that the adoption was in the best interests of the child, and, needed to happen.  I am thankful that this little baby is going to be raised by someone with a strong moral compass and deeply compassionate heart, while at the same time, this new mother has the strength to stand up and be counted and speaks out against injustices.  The right type of parent.

This type of adoption I can be thankful for…

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