Larry and Carri Williams: Sentenced to Long Jail Times

29 Oct

May you rest in peace Hana…

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This morning (October 29, 2013) at 9:30 am pdt, at the Skagit County Courthouse in Mount Vernon, WA, Judge Susan Cook presided over the sentencing hearing of Larry Williams, convicted of manslaughter (of adopted Ethiopian daughter Hana) and assault of a child (of adopted Ethiopian son Immanuel), and of Carri Williams, convicted of homicide by abuse (of Hana), manslaughter (of Hana), and assault of a child (Immanuel).

Larry and Carri both were in the Skagit County red prison uniforms. As would be expected, the attorneys for both defense and prosecution had various arguments and motions. Larry’s attorneys began by arguing for a new trial; the judge denied the motions. The judge vacated (dropped) Carri’s manslaughter conviction, because she was also convicted of a more serious offense, homicide by abuse, for the same conduct.

The prosecution asked for 333 months, or 27 3/4 years, of jail time for Larry Williams. The…

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3 responses to “Larry and Carri Williams: Sentenced to Long Jail Times

  1. Kate

    October 30, 2013 at 3:18 pm

    My daughter’s name is Hana, too. This story broke my heart… and it makes me furious. What a failure on the part of every adult involved. It made me think of when I was doing my homestudy for our first adoption. The social worker told me not to worry and that she works for us and it is her job to explain things in such a way as to make us look as good as possible. That’s the problem…a social worker should be working for future children involved, not the adoptive parents. This whole mess was a recipe for disaster… the isolated family with strict religious and discipline methods, apparently unwilling to learn about the emotional needs of the children they were attempting to adopt. Any reputable social worker should have seen that and turned them down flat. What a tragedy. 30 years in prison isn’t enough.


    • TAO

      October 30, 2013 at 3:35 pm

      Hey Kate – you nailed the problem – and I think that is also the starting point of all those re-homing cases (agencies are complicit too).

      Hana’s story and Lydia before her – should never have happened – and we will never hear of the less severe cases until those adoptees start blogging, and, will be told they should be grateful and their parents did their best…

      Why I keep blogging I guess – I had the best possible outcome being adopted and it is truly heartbreaking when the wrong people adopt those children that need adoption.

      Thanks for being the right kind of parent…


  2. Beth

    October 31, 2013 at 12:56 pm

    climate control, clean sheets, hot showers, 3 warm meals a day, plenty of time to read a good book, make friends, enjoy a movie, how nice for them. Hope they know how lucky they are.



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