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Larry and Carri Williams: Sentenced to Long Jail Times

May you rest in peace Hana…

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This morning (October 29, 2013) at 9:30 am pdt, at the Skagit County Courthouse in Mount Vernon, WA, Judge Susan Cook presided over the sentencing hearing of Larry Williams, convicted of manslaughter (of adopted Ethiopian daughter Hana) and assault of a child (of adopted Ethiopian son Immanuel), and of Carri Williams, convicted of homicide by abuse (of Hana), manslaughter (of Hana), and assault of a child (Immanuel).

Larry and Carri both were in the Skagit County red prison uniforms. As would be expected, the attorneys for both defense and prosecution had various arguments and motions. Larry’s attorneys began by arguing for a new trial; the judge denied the motions. The judge vacated (dropped) Carri’s manslaughter conviction, because she was also convicted of a more serious offense, homicide by abuse, for the same conduct.

The prosecution asked for 333 months, or 27 3/4 years, of jail time for Larry Williams. The…

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Must read…


Just wanted to pass this news article along.  It’s a must read…

Illinois files ‘historic’ lawsuit against for-profit adoption agency


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Long story worth reading…


I found this article from 2002 posted on Musings of the Lame Facebook page.  Grab a coffee first because it is a long read – but a fascinating read.  According to the article Dateline also did a story on them.

Adoption Secrets
When Nine Babies From The Same Family Were Scattered To New Homes, Who Could Predict They Would Reunite As Best Friends And Lovers?”


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This probably sounds fine to everyone else…


This makes adoptees seem like aliens from another planet…

“Many media stories and made-for-TV movies present adopted children as alienated, unhappy, or even criminal. The truth is, however, most adopted children grow up to be normal adults who blend in with everyone else.”

Blend in?  Really?  We pass for non-adopted?

How Happy Are Adopted Children?


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I really enjoyed this post Free-Falling Into the Baby Rage Zone: Another Adoptee Epiphany by Rebecca at Lost Daughters, reading Christine Murphy’s memoir Taking Down the Wall and being triggered by the words written.  Words or feelings that mirror in one way or another – what so many adoptees speak of – feelings of abandonment, betrayal, rejection, rage, anger, loss.  It all relates back to the separation of mother and child, and, the belief that mothers are supposed to fight for, and, protect their children whatever the cost.  Read the rest of this entry »


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Triggered by the transfer…


When I am most troubled I become silent, unable to talk about what I feel.  It’s part of my makeup to deal with my feelings privately, to find peace with what has happened.  That’s how I dealt with my adoptee feelings as a child, I retreated and mourned privately.  Just like I have from this blog after Veronica was returned to her “legal” parents. Read the rest of this entry »


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