Coincidences happen every single day…

27 Jul


This story out of Calgary is yet another prime example of the foolishness of sealed records and how unnecessary they are.  Read the story and then ask yourself what if they had been brother and sister instead of brothers, and they had started dating…

After more than four decades, friends discover they are really long-lost brothers

If you want adoption to be seen as a valid, then remove this ever-lasting veil of shame called sealed records.  It is not necessary, nor is it acceptable, adults are quite capable of managing their own relationships.  Not to mention the infantilizing of adults being reduced to having to ask permission from a judge for their own factual birth certificate, or their parents of birth who already gave up their rights to give that permission decades ago, or mandatory counselling by strangers (adoption agency personnel) who decide for the adopted person, if they are fit enough to make contact. It boggles the mind how insane any of the convoluted “fixes” are when everyone is already an adult.  Good grief already.

Please support adoptee rights… starting today…

And don’t get me started on the travesty in anonymous “donation” for the donor conceived…because it won’t be if, it will be when

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One response to “Coincidences happen every single day…

  1. marilynn

    January 3, 2014 at 7:28 am

    Trying something new, especially with those in reunion to set a prescident. Instead of asking to see the original birth record or to have it unsealed, simply ask to have the one you have currently corrected because it is a medical record according to hippa here in the United States and as a citizen you have a right to have errors on your medical record corrected. Pretty simple. It won’t undo your adoption or your name change – you have an adoption decree as proof of your adoption and your name change, what you don’t have is an accurate birth record that will allow you to exercise your right to obtain identifying information and vital records on all your relatives. They also have that right interrupted when your birth record became medically inaccurate.

    I don’t think there is ever a need to have made it medically inacccurate to begin with since the parental authority is granted via the adoption decree not the birth record. The modified birth record is more of a cosmetic thing not actually necessary. Like anyone else whose name changes it does not change on the birth record you just present the documentation proving that you are the person whose name became thus and such. Pretty straight forward. No bio parent has the right to be left off their own offsprings birth record for medical purposes, so your just correcting an error as a citizen, not as an adopted person seeking your original records. If the State needs to access the original to make the current one accurate so be it. That is not your problem.

    I think this will obviously be easier with people who I’ve helped already in reunion who can prove a sibling or parent child relationship with dna evidence or where one has access to the original record or can get a hospital record at least. Then in conjunction with adoption records go to vital records with a request under hippa to have the current one corrected. This is an approach not tried before and its worth a shot. You do have the same rights everyone else does but maybe the law leads you to ask for things other people don’t have like two birth records and two identities. This approach actually fixes the federal governments problem of not being able to reconcile adopted people’s death records to birth records it has on file. States also have a big problem with this as your origial identities are born and never die. Currently States just sort of assume the people born who never died were adopted persons but they really don’t know for sure. It’s more complicatd recordkeeping that it seems on the surface. Your birth records original and amended are not generally stapled together in a drawer. You can’t get your original because you have no proof that you are that person. But it is on file at least in California and Texas and some other states I’m sure the original is available to relatives of the people named as parents.



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