Off topic: It’s never too late to say thank-you…

23 Jun


I finally had an opportunity last week to say thank-you to the ER doctor who saved my life because he wasn’t satisfied with the first consult and requested a second consult, and that made a difference in my care.  It felt good to be able to thank him for doing what I think took a lot of guts, and thanking him was something I have wanted to do for years now, but the ‘how‘ was what always stopped me – you just can’t walk into the ER.  I tried writing a thank-you letter, but trying to explain who I was to a doctor working in the busiest ER in the area so that it was more than an anonymous thank-you ended up with far too many words, so I put it aside, hoping I would get the chance to say thank-you in person one day.

That chance happened when I had to take someone to the ER last week, and when the nurse had a minute, I asked her if he still worked there, and if so, was he on duty.  He did, and he was, so she took me down to where he was busy doing paperwork.  It only took about two sentences for him to remember me – one of which was that I had no words that night and the first CT came back negative for stroke.  I didn’t expect him to remember, at best just a vague recollection because I was an interesting case, but he did – not just my case which he apparently followed the entire time I was in hospital, but even the fact that dad had been a doctor.  We had such a nice chat, and he seemed to genuinely appreciate the fact that even all these years later, I wanted to thank him.

Sometimes we all get too busy to appreciate the people who have made a difference in our lives – regardless of how long ago it was…

Several years ago, mom told me that my very first school teacher had a bad fall, so I sent her a get well card and included a letter thanking her for giving me such a great educational foundation.  When she ran into mom later after she recovered, she told her that it was the nicest thank-you she had ever received from one of her students.  That it took me far too many decades before it was sent didn’t seem to matter, and just perhaps, made it matter more.

It’s never too late to say thank-you…try it…

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One response to “Off topic: It’s never too late to say thank-you…

  1. Valentine Logar

    June 25, 2013 at 9:52 am

    Sometimes gratitude is the most powerful emotion of all.



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